Hi I’m Fela, as in ‘fell – ah’. I was named after the late Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti. My middle name is Mandela – I’ll let you wonder where that came from!

I really love listening to music, and usually end up rocking and swaying to the beat.

I enjoy dancing, and have been to a few discos in my time. Mama chooses the best discos for me where I can be safe.

I am 28 years old, 6’ 3’’ with a sunny disposition and dynamic personality. Even though I can’t always verbalise my wants and feelings, I have a keen mind, and want to be treated as someone with intelligence. I love learning new things, and enjoy education, completing assignments and being read to. I have been learning new words with Makaton and sign-along.

I need someone responsible and trustworthy to be with me or close at hand all the time. I often need guidance and prompting to keep me safe and on task as my mind can get muddled or process information slowly.

    • Active in body and mind.
    • To cook and eat healthy food,
    • Spend time with my family and church.
    • I like to be with people.

For me, life is a big adventure. I have just started a new chapter – living in my own home close to my parents in Norton-le-Moors, Stoke on Trent. I have a team of ‘Personal Assistants’ to help me live an independent life. Perhaps you too can help me make this next chapter of my life happy and fulfilling.