02/05/2020 – Morning & Afternoon shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Michael and I arrived at 9:15 to collect Fela. He was calm and seemed happy to come with us to Green Pastures. Emma informed us he had put the foot massager and shoulder massager cards on the TEACCH board so I made sure we packed them.

After we arrived, Fela had a bowel movement then had his snack. Jazz music was playing in the background – mainly Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong. Fela requested time alone so I took the opportunity to clear up the kitchen.

After lunch, Michael offered him a DVD. He chose Aladdin. Before it started, I did the board for the afternoon. Whilst he watched it, I did some Skull tapping on his head during which he requested  head massage. He showed me where he wanted to apply the pressure. We could not take Fela out for a walk until one of our publishing clients arrived to collect some books. After she left, Fela went to lay out the foot massager and shoulder massager. He has been very pushy and directive with his hands today, so he basically plugged it in himself which I wasn’t happy about but he was not responding well to “be gentle”. He seems to have had too much energy.

After the massagers which he used at the same time, he suddenly sprung up to get the foot spa card from the bag of cards. I had not packed it so had to use an ordinary bowl instead with a few drops of tangerine essential oil. None of the spa therapies seemed to relax Fela today, and I had planned on doing it later in the afternoon, but he insisted on it sooner. His snack was delayed because of the three spa treatments. After his snack, I tried to persuade him to come outside in the garden where I though we could do some exercises with the gym ball, but he was not keen, and requested cards instead. He wanted to go upstairs. We played for about 30 minutes, then he said finished and we packed them away after which I gave him a manicure. Before dinner, he tried saying and signing something beginning with “ba…” When he came downstairs he went to select the bath card to put on the board so I mentioned that he would be having a bath later at his home. This reminded me to do the social story after dinner – I should have done it earlier as Fela was clearly wanting to know what was happening.

After dinner, we offered him the choice of going for  a walk or dancing, and he chose dancing as he clearly was not keen on the walk. I also read him the social story about going back home to sleep which he kept looking at for the rest of the evening. I folded back the bit about Mama ringing him so he wouldn’t get confused. I tried engaging him in some dancing to MPeople and Michael Bolton. He danced for a few minutes to some of the songs but was more interested in sitting. After his snack, I gave him a facial trim which he insisted I give him because it was on the board. Once again he was doing a lot of directing and pushing and pulling with his hands.

Fela left with Michael at 9pm to return home. Fela has been trying to communicate a lot today, and all in all, it has been a good day especially playing cards and his manicure which were the most relaxing aspects.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise? We had to wait in the house for a publishing client to arrive to collect her book order. She came later than expected. Fela declined the offer to go into the garden to do some physical activity.