03/02/2021 – Day & Evening shift – alicia keenan

Shift Report:

I arrived on shift, fela was just finishing in the shower and I prepared his breakfast, fela came downstairs and got his apron.

We then all said prayer and I sat with fela and we ate breakfast. Fela then had his supplements.

We then took handover from Teresa.

After fela made his way to the rocker and had his tea and relaxed and listened to music.

I then did the board with fela.

I then cracked on with chores whilst fela relaxed.

At 10:15am we got our shoes on, fela used the toilet (passed urine) and then we got our coats on and headed out to bathpool. We had a lovely brisk winter walk, fela was vocal but did appear to enjoy the walk and scenery. We stopped halfway and fela had his snack.

We then drove home, fela made his way into the house and stood by the door and became agitated (this lasted around 20 minutes), stamping feet, guttural noises.

Once calm fela made his way to the bathroom where after lots of prompting fela removed his t shirt and vest due to sweating profusely.

Fela then made his way to the dining room, popped  his apron on, said prayer and ate his lunch ( we prompted fela to eat neat and tidy and to use his cutlery but fela carried to usehis hands, towards the end of lunch fela did use cutlery, it would appear that he is processing slowly today).

Once fela started to drink his water he became agitated, slapping the table, rocking backwards and forwards, guttural noises and jumping up and down. (This started at 12:42pm and ended at 12:57pm)

Fela then asked me for a honey lemon and ginger tea so I asked him to pop his apron up and make it, which he gladly did.

He then happily made his way to the rocker with his tea and chose a dvd (call int the wild). We asked fela twice if we would like to lie down but fela refused.

We then sat with fela and watched the movie.

We have Chloe handover when she arrived and then we took the new bed upstairs and popped it in the loft.

We then asked fela if he would like to lie down, fela agreed. So at 14:30pm Chloe popped his diffuser on for him with lavender oil in, I popped his blankets on him and then gave him a head massage.

Fela has remained quiet but has not slept.

At 15:20pm I went into fela and he sat up, we then did Makaton for “my name is” we did fela, Alicia and Chloe. Fela did really well and lots of praise was given.

I then read fela a story “the making of you” fela was smiling throughout and pointing to pages.

Fela then had his snack and drink at the table.

We then did handle (fish face and hopped elevator).

Fela then relaxed on the sofa listening to music.

Chloe did the board and cleaned felas keloids at 15:45pm.

Fela then chopped up all the vegetables for tonight’s dinner, he did really well and got rewarded with a sticker.

Fela used the toilet at 16:30pm (bowel movement).

After the toilet fela made his way to his rocker and relaxed and watched a dvd (Aladdin).

We sat with fela to watch the movie, fela appeared to enjoy the film, I also gave him a head massage she brushed his hair,fela appeared to find this relaxing.

At 17:30pm fela had his supplements.

We all sat down for dinner at 6pm, we said prayer and fela ate well.

Fela then cleaned the table and popped his apron up.

Fela is continuing to watch the movie.

Fela appears very tired and was nodding off so I gave him balls to play with.

We then got ready to head out, popped our outdoor wear on and fela used the toilet.

We then went out for a neighbourhood walk, fela was vocal but appeared to enjoy it.

Once back he removed his outdoor wear and sat at the table, had his supplement and had his drink and snack.

Fela then had a call with mama.

Fela got into the bath and I assisted him with his personal care and gave fela a facial scrub.

Fela has been vocal most of the day, agitated at times (see shift report) but has also been full of smiles at times as well.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Please refer to shift report Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Bathpool
Neighbourhood walk