03/12/2021 – Training shift – Dario Barros

Shift Report:

On arrival fella was listening to music. I said hello, high fived him and sat next to him for a little bit. After that he had a snack. Got the board ready and also got Fella ready for his morning walk. Fella used the toilet before going outside. Had a chat until we got to the field. Walked at a fast pace for 45 mins. Returned home Fella went into the bathroom and changed his clothes. He sat on the toilet for about 45 mins but struggled to do anything. Once he finished in the bathroom we sat down for lunch. After lunch the board was updated and Fella sat down listening to music. We did makatron for a little bit and he had a facial trim. Just before dinner handle and foot physio. Sat down for dinner and then we watched a movie. Fella had a snack around 8pm. Shortly after Fella went into the bathroom used the toilet and then had a bath. On writing this report Fella was splashing in the bath.

Arousal States – Start: End: Did his state change? to Did he have a bowel movement? Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Chatterly Whitfield – walk