04/04/2020 – Morning & Afternoon shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

on arriving for my shift fela was at Carla and Michael’s, I meet chole at fela then we left to go to Carla and Michael’s . On arriving at Carla and Michael’s fela was upstairs, I went up to say morning and to see if Carla wanted me to take over, fela was cleaning his teeth, Carla said she was okay so went downstairs and waited for fela. While waiting for fela chole got the board ready to do with fela after breakfast. Fela came down had aleo drink then Michael brought his breakfast in we said prayer and fela ate his breakfast neat and tidy. After fela had finished he had his supplements and water and tea. chole did the bord with fela then we got ready to leave, we left around 10 am. We stopped of at fela’s frist to get some money chole pop in got the money then we rng the butchers to see they where open, how busy for queing and if the was limit amount of met, after talking to them we headed to butcher fela waited in the care with chole while I went in. I had to que for short while, once got the meat went back to car we had disccued the days plan as it was slightly raining but had giving out to dry up later we decide to go for walk later.  We arrive at fela , fela took his outdoor ware of then went and sat in his rocking chair fela asked for dvd but explained that he could have it on later on in the day, fela relaxed listening to music and while I made bread with new recip. Chole the got fela lunch read. We all sat down to eat fela said his prayer loud and clear and ate neat and tidy. After lunch fela washed the dishes. he then went and sat in his rocking chair and listened to music, while let his lunch settle . I cleaned fela keliod and creamed them We then got ready to go for a walk, we headed for knpersyley but the car park was closed and there wasn’t any where else to safely ark so gave fela the chose with bathpool or Rudyard, fela chose to go to bathpool so we headed to bathpool. On arriving at bathpool it was fairly busy but we noticed the wooded area as very quite and dry so we walked thst way and asked fela if he wanted to go that way and he pointed so we walkd through the wood, fela seemed to really enjoy thei as he was laughing and clapping and even did little runs uop the little hills, fela laughed and clapped all they way round we only meet 2people the whole way round. fela was full of smiles when we got to the car. Fela had apple and pear in the car and some water we then headed for home.  On arriving at home fela took of his outdoor ware of and then used toilet, after fela had finished in the bath room chole gave fela some pea flour crisp for his snack, I put cool running on as fela had been requesting this since the morning I asked fela if he still wanted to watch it he said yes. I did some chores then at with fela for short while and wached dvd with him, we then got tea ready. After film had finished I put fela some relaxing music on he picked to listen to ocean sounds with fish background. we then had tea fela ate neat and tidy. After tea fela sat in his rocking chair listening to relaxing ocean while have footspa, fela then tried to ask me for something but was unsure what it was so askdd chole for advice, fela did really well and tried so hard to tell us, I then mange to work out that it was bowl and asked fela if it bowl he said yes, fela had cup tea, After fela had finished with his foot spa I gave him a facial trim. After fela had his snack, I updated fela board, while fela was relaxing we got everything together that needed to go up to Carla and Michael’s. Then prompted fela to get his shoes, fela got shoes on, used the toilet, Fela was trying to say something to us but was unsure what he was trying to say, he then went in to lounge and took I want to vist mama and micheals, as we were getting ready to leave fela was still trying to say something to us, the signe fela was using was outing his arm out with his hand flat and palm up fela kept saying this we were unsure of what fela was trying to ask, We then left to go to Carla and micheals on arriving there fela took off his outdoor ware, went in to kitchen with mama then went up stairs and sat on the sofa, Fela started siging for something but was unsure what it was then I remember from the weekend that fela did the same sign and it was for table. Fela then led me to his room with Carla and pointed to table Carla took table in to the room and fela sat on red sofa, Carla explained she would paly cards once she had seen me and chole out. on my departure fela was siting on the red sofa with hi cards.

All supplements taken

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – walk around bathpool