03/09/2019 – Morning & Afternoon shift – maxine dale

Shift Report:

On Arrival finished Felas morning routine, he came down stairs and had his breakfast as on the meal planner and had all his suppliments then sat down and listend to music, Rachael came in and said hi to Fela and did the teach board  to show Fela the activities for the morning  Fela seemed happy. Staff did chores and set out after to go burslem park for a walk. Fela did the walk (See arousal state).Ater we went to the butcher to get meat and returned home and Fela listened to music as I prepared lunch. After lunch Fela watched the lion king and when it finished I did handle (Rachel did the board prior) Fela had a snack and it was time for Andrew to come. I prepared evening meal as Rachael sat in on education.

April arrived on her shift, April said hi to Fela I prepared evening meal as April did the meds pots , after Andrew went and meal was done and we all sat at the table to have our evening meal.

After evening meal Fela went into the kitchen demanding icecream , taking a bowl out of the cupboard and grabbing April’s arm, April asked Fela to go to the table  in which he did to have sorbet. After a short while and a rest we all got ready go mac club. Fela went to the toilet and smeared paeces  on his top and stsrted to laugh we supported Fela to change.

We arrived at Mac club and Fela walked quick to get to the dance floor he got to his usual spot but it was very busy to the degree couldn’t move.

Fela started to dance smiling but stamping  his feet very heavily on the floor more vocal as well.

April.decided to take Fela somewhere to sit quiet as it was over crowded Fela had a snack an asked to go home.  On return to home Felas state changed to a level (5) for approx 30 mins so I stayed a while until April assisted Fela out if the bath.Fela was very vocal.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 5 – Very Agitated
We went burslem.park,Fela became focal and very unhappy while walking around the park we all sat down on a bench and Fela had a piece of fruit. We came back home and Fela went to sit in his chair and chilled out and listen to music.

After mac club Fela became agitated to a level (5) in the living room stomping his feet banging and clapping being vocal then coming into the hallway we April and I both came into the Staff room 30 minutes until Fela calmed down.