04/11/2020 – Morning & Afternoon shift – adele griffin

Shift Report:

I have arrived for shift had a quick hand over from Clare.

Clare has done the board with Fela ,

Staff have done some chores.

We have then got ready to go for a walk and some lunch .

10/15 Fela has put on his shoes and then gone and used the toilet Fela has passed urine , washed his hands and dried , then put on his coat, scarf , gloves and we all got into the car.

While in the car Fela has had snack and been looking through the window and listening to music.

We arrived at Ladderedge country park walk at 10:45 had a good for about 32 mins  while walking Fela was smiling and laughing on the walk a dog barked and Fela grab my hand and walked with me close and then headed back to the car as the rain started to come down heavy, while in the car Felahad his drink of water .

In the car Dela has chose to listen to The Greatest show man CD .

We arrived at the country cottage kitchen county cafe , while waiting outside Fela become agitated, once inside Fela has gone to the toilet and was in there for about 15 agitated, Fela has then passed urine washed and dried his hands.

We have then gone and sat at the table Clare has ordered food.

Clare has played cards with Fela.

Lunch has arrived and Fela seemed to enjoy his lunch, when finished we asked Fela if he like to go back to the car, but Fela kept saying no and pionting to the desk and also got the menu . We offered Fela fruit in the car but Fela Said no. So o went to see if the did a pudding for Fela requirements and they did.

I went back to the table and explained to Fel that pudding had been order.

We have then played cards , done handle and also AG in Makaton signs while waiting for Fela pudding to arrive.

The people here are very nice and understanding due to Fela bro

H agitated.

Also a couple of people have said what a good job we are doing as care staff and making sure that Fela gets out.

Once finished we have got back in the car and drove home.

Once back at home Fela has got into the house removed his outer garments and the. Went into the front room and chose to wat h Shrek. Why shell was loading my self and Fela have done CJ in Maraton signs.

We have all had a warm drink and Fel is enjoying his film.

15:05 Fela has come into the staff room and asked for pasta before going and Using the toilet.

Staff have been to Fela as he is still sat on the toilet , Fela keeps asking for his Keliods to be cleaned , when we ask if Fela has finished and then we can clean his Keliods Fela request five mins and shuts the door, Fela has done this about five times now .

Fela has now come out of the toilet and had his keloids cleaned and then had his snack. Snack is late due to Fela being in the toilet along time.

17:30 Fela has had supplements and then got up went into the bathroom and then back into the front room , to back on the bathroom and is now sitting on his rocking chair.

Chloe has just gone to see if Fela is ok and if he would like anything , Fela has just requested 5 mins and asked Chloe to leave .

18:00 Fela has come to the table put on his apron , said pray well and also neat and tidy.

Fela has then eaten his dinner and had some chocolate for pudding .

Once finished Fela has gone nd sat in his rocking chair and Chloe has done the board with Fela , Fela has said that he is happy.

Fela has become vocal for a bit but soon went quite.

19:00 we all got ready to go for a walk , Fela has used the toilet first.

1915 we have all left the house and done a neighbour hood walk , Fela was vocal on and off on the walk.

19:45 we have arrived home and all taken of or coats , shoes.

We have all had a warm drink and Fela has had his snack .

20:00 Fela has had his supplement listened to music for a while .

Vocal has become vocal and when Chloe went in to Fela he asked Chloe for a bath , so at 20:15 o have phoned mama to see if Fela could have his phone call early as he has requested a bath.

Mama has phoned at 20:25, staff have sorted out Fela bath while on the phone.

Fela has finished on the phone and gone into the bathroom , used the toilet then got undressed and into the bath , staff have supported Fela with personal care .Fela is happily in the bath splashing away.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 2a – Vocal Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Fela became vocal and agitated while at the country cafe kitchen as he needed the toilet.
Fela has been vocal on and off through out the shift , also been happy vocal Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – 30 walk this morning
30 mins walk after dinner