05/10/2020 – Morning & Afternoon shift – alicia keenan

Shift Report:

I came on shift just before 9am, fela was finishing his-breakfast and then I sat with him whilst he took his supplements. Fela then made his way to his rocker where I did the board with him and he relaxed listening to music. I then cleaned felas keloids, I then asked him if he would like me to pop oil on his finger nails, he smiled so I did this. he then requested a head massage so I did this with fela, once he had enough he asked me to leave. Fela then listened to music whilst staff did chores. I then did the board with fela, he appeared happy. Fela popped his shoes on and then went to the toilet. Once finished we headed out of house to Longton park, this was felas request. We had a lovely walk around the park and saw the ducks splashing in the puddles. Once back home fela took his shoes and coat off and washed his hands in the bathroom. Fela then had lunch at 12.55pm, he said prayer well and appeared to enjoy his lunch. I then did the board with fela and popped a film on for him (marmaduke) whilst Zoe cleaned felas keloids. At 13.50pm fela asked Zoe to pause the movie and used the toilet,small B/M no blood. Fela then continued to watch his movie and allowed myself and Zoe to sit with him to watch it and we all enjoyed a cup of tea together. Once the film had finished we did Makaton signs (weather) with Isabella, we all did really well but agreed that more practice is needed to get the signs right, fela appeared to enjoy this though and gave it a really good shot. Fela had his snack at 15.30pm and appeared to enjoy this whilst listening to music. Fela then popped his shoes on and used the toilet before we headed out to flip out. When we arrived at flip out fela was very excited and smiling. Fela was going to pop his socks on but before sitting down pulled his trousers down exposing himself, we then asked fela to sit, he then pulled his penis out of his trousers and started laughing. We told fela that he cannot do this and this is not ok, luckily I blocked the view of anyone seeing him. Fela then went and found a trampoline and happily started bouncing.  Fela bounced for the full hour, he stopped half way through and had a drink of water then carried on bouncing. Fela had an amazing time. Fela got changed once he had finished and had his supplements, and ate his dinner in the car before we drove home. Once home fela removed his coat, hat and shoes and then made his way into the lounge to relax and listen to music. Fela used the toilet ( large b/m, no blood) and then went back to the lounge  where I cleaned his keloids, fela relaxed and listen to music and had his tea and snack. Fela then had a call with mama, he appeared to enjoy this and was smiling throughout. Fela then went to the bathroom, took his clothes off and got into the bath. I assisted with his night routine and gave him a face scrub.

Fela has appeared happy throughout the day but has been vocal most of the day. Fela appears to have enjoyed his day.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2a – Vocal Fela has been vocal throughout the shift but has appeared happy Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Longton park for walk