06/01/2022 – Day & Evening shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

I arrived for myshift fela was in shower , Julie completed fela morning routine and I got fela breakfast ready. Dan sat with fela said prayer we then had handover from fela .

Julie left we went sat with fela while he had his supplements once fela had finished he went sst in his rocking chair and I did the board with fela

We then went to burslem Park and had walk around the park we walked for about 20 min then returned to car due to the snow. Once back at car fela had his snack we then headed for home. On retuing home fela webt in to the bathroom abd sat on toilet I prompted fela to take of his hat, scarf,coat he remind on the toielt fela had large normal bowel movement. Fela was in bathroom for about 40 min. Once finsihed we all sst down for lunch. Fela said prayer and ate well. After lunch he went and sat in his rocking chair and Dan prompted fela to remove his shoes and did the board. Fela then relaxed listening to music.

Julie arrived at 2pm to take me so I could go and collect daughter from school.

I returned to fela just after 4.30pm. Fela was laying down on sofa. I then had handover from Dan and Julie. Fela then sat up. Shortly after myself and Dan did foot physiotherapy ( fela used his new wooden multi rolling) he seemed to enjoy this we then did fish faces.

At 6pm fela went to the toielt past urine once finished in bathroom we all sat down for dinner said prayer fela ate neat and tidy, once fela had finished he had his pudding.

Once all meal was finsihed fela went sat in his rocking chair and did the board with fela. Fela relaxed listening to music while his evening meal settle myself and Dan did some chores.

Fela then asked for facial trim so I gave fela a nice facial trim them cleaned and creamed them all once I had finsihed fela went on his gym ball he bounce for 10 mintues. We sat with fela. Once finsihed fela sat at table for his snack.

Shortly after his snack fela went into the bathroom used toielt past urine. Then got in to the bath . Dan supported fela with his personal hygiene .

In writing this report fela is relaxing in the bath

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Burselm Park 20 min
Gym ball 10