06/02/2021 – Sleep shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

I arrived for my shift just after 8.30pm fela was still at mama and Michaels. While I waited for fela arrival I did some chores.

Fela returned home at 9pm and was full of smiles and seemed very excited. Fela took off his outdoor ware and went into the bathroom, fela sat on toilet and asked for 5.
I had handover from carla and Micheal.
I went back into fela and had a large normal bowel movement. Fela then got undressed and into the bath at 9.20pm. I supported fela with his personal care and gave him facial scrub. Fela then relaxed in bath.
At 10pm I prompted fela to pull plug out and let water out. Fela got out the bath had his sleep tincture then he got himself dry fela used the toilet and past urine. Fela then headed upstairs to completed his night time routine, all creams applied and fela hot his night time ware in, he completed  his night time routine well. Fela went into the bathroom cleaned his teeth. Once fela had finished cleaning his teeth he used toilet past urine.

At 10.30pmfela got in to bed we said prayer then said goodnight.  I left fela music low. Fela was at baseline and appeared to be asleep by 11pm.

I then heard fela at 1.20am I prompted fela to the toilet, fela used the toilet and past urine. Once fela had finished I prompted fela to back bed fela need a lot prompting to get back in bed it was like fela was slow processing
Fela then got back In to bed n lay down
Fela has been a wake from  1.2am until  (fela was happy vocal on and off from getting getting back into bed at 2am laughing  hissing clapping his hands rocking happily on his bed)4am then fela went back to sleep
I then heard fela at 8am so I took his refreshment up and I sat with fela will he had these. Once fela had finished his supplements he went in to bathroom past urine and turned the shower on. Fela got in to the shower and i supported fela with his personal care.
I then gave fela 10mintues to relax  i went back up to fela and he got out of the shower and completed his moring routine. Fela completed this very well but vocal through out.

Fela was downstairs for 9.05am and got his apron and then sat prayer well ate his breakfast neat and tidy. I did the board with fela and he got very excited with today’s plans.

At 9.22am fela started taking his supplements shortly after Micheal arrived and I gave him handover. Once fela had finsihed his supplements  fela got his shoes on and then his out door ware  on and left with micheal to go to green pastures.

After fela leaveing I went around checked all windows and that everywhere was neat and tidy

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 2a – Vocal Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: –