06/03/2021 – Day shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

*Sorry this is late but Michael and I had to go and buy something after Fela left.

Fela arrived and immediately asked for juice. He had his supplements as he was late taking them and was slow this morning after breakfast. He now knows that Michael will give him juice on request so he likes to ask when Mama is not looking.

We did the board or should I say ‘bossy boots’ Fela did the board because he chose all the cards. This included cards, cooking, car/drive, lunch and dinner at the same time, DVD, church then proceeded to play cards. We played one round of cards in he dealt two decks (red and blue) into my hands as I counted to 108 (54 x 2). I then shuffled the deck  five times and Fela then sorted them into the two decks. He then signed for finished so we put them in their rubber bands and away in the tin.

Michael was busy cooking and baking for the Big Day tomorrow as he had planned to do so there was no opportunity to take Fela to the park. So I decided to try to coax him into the garden to play with the gym ball. As I was going through the Paddington bear beaks which Chloe packed, I noticed there was one called ‘Paddington in the garden’ so I decide to read it to Fela as it looked interesting. Fela seemed to enjoy my over the top dramatization, and seemed okay with going in the garden after all.

We took the gym ball with us. I though perhaps we could throw it to each other, but Fela was not impressed and promptly sat on it, and was bouncing with enthusiasm. the last gym ball he bounced on popped so I was very concerned. The trick is to keep it flaccid and not pump too much air in because then it will have no choice but to pop. Fortunately this one was not filled to capacity so it survived. I decided to get a bag of tennis balls and throw them to Fela as he was sitting on the ball. He caught most of them showing excellent hand/eye co-ordination! I then decided to roll some on the grass as if I was bowling. Fela caught most of them and then lined them up at his feet. We then counted them 1-19 before putting them back in the bag. We then did a second round of this, then it was finished as he had started signing for juice.

The weather was so nice and warm, and Fela looked so content sitting on the ball with an occasional bounce, that I decided to let him have lunch outside so I cleaned and disinfected the table. he ate leftovers and was very content. He then stayed outside for another 40 minutes so all in all he spent two hours in the garden. At least he has had fresh air and only challenged his core muscles.

We did the board then Fela came inside, used the toilet and started his DVD at 14:30 – I selected ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to go with the theme of the week, and he gave me the thumbs up for it. I sat with him at the beginning but at one point he jumped up and frogmarched me to the kitchen to take out a glass from the cupboard and open the fridge. Michael reprimanded him and reminded him to be gentle. This time I only gave him some diluted pomegranate cordial as he was getting too fixated on juice from the carton.

I left him to watch his film in peace whilst helping Michael in the kitchen. Afterwards we did the board to indicate that it would soon be time for Claire and Teresa to come and pick him up to take him home. We did some colouring – picture of a car and birds and sunshine. I did the hard work of sharpening the pencils which kept being worn down by Fela or breaking. I also gave Fela prompts of what colours to use. He enjoyed it so much , he insisted on doing another picture.

Claire and Teresa arrived just before 5pm and took him home. He seemed calm and content.

*Michael is exhausted from his labours in the kitchen so has asked that this report be from the both of us. Since he is past retirement age, I have granted permission.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Bouncing on gym ball in garden on and off.