06/09/2019 – Day & Evening shift – april trevelyan

Shift Report:

On arrival this morning Fela was listening to music relaxing in his chair. We had a visit from momma and Fela enjoyed playing cards with momma and had a lovely manicure. Fela was happy being pampered. When momma left Fela continued to listen to the music. Fela had his morning snack, and I applied tiger balm to felas forehead. I gave Fela a piece of ginger then a spoon of honey. On occasion throughout the day Fela got a little agitated (see aroused state) staff managed to maintain this. I prepared lunch and we all said grace before eating, Fela ate well then had his supplements. This afternoon we gave Fela the choice of going to the gym or on his favourite walk to knypersly. Fela chose knypersly. We drove there and had a lovely walk around both lakes. Fela took a bag and picked up sticks, he absolutely loved it. The look of content was nice to see. Fela touched everything absorbing his sensory needs. Fela had his snack half way around We came home and Fela remained happy. I started to prepare dinner and do chores, Fela relaxed and watched lion King. At dinner we all said grace before eating and Fela ate well. Fela had his supplements after dinner and relaxed watching another film. I cleaned Felas keloids and applied cream and tiger balm. Fela had his stress balls and watched his movie. After a while (see aroused state) once Fela calmed Fela had his snack, Fela became vocal again but then soon relaxed. Staff then supported Fela with his night-time routine. Fela has been happy in the bath, but at time of report Fela seems a little unsettled. At this time of report I’m going to support Fela out of the bath.

Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal but happy End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 5 – Very Agitated On and off through out of the day Fela has had little episodes of becoming agitated. However this evening Fela became really agitated and remained that way for about 45 minutes. This came out of nowhere. Fela was resting on the sofa and he all of a sudden got up very noisy stamping his feet and came towards the staff room, staff got up quickly and stood back Fela went into the toilet and was stamping his feet hitting himself making aggressive noises, rocking aggressively on the toilet, staff gave Fela his personal space, I told Fela to call me when he finished, Fela did this I encouraged Fela to wash his hands which he did he came out of the bathroom laughing. And sat back on the sofa.