06/10/2020 – Evening shift – adele griffin

Shift Report:

I have arrived for shift , I have had hand over and then gone to say hello to Fela.

Fela was still eating snack when I arrived, Fela is sat on the sofa watching Little women. Fela has asked me to leave.

I have gone into Fela again at 16:40 and Fela is still eating snack and drinking his drink again Fela doesn’t want my company.

Staff have started to pre pare dinner.

Staff went into Fela at 17:16 and he was asleep on the sofa sitting up, staff have asked Fel if he would like to lay down for a bit while tea was cooking and Fela has lay straight down and covered himself up.

17:46 staff have noticed that Fela was awake so I have given Fela his supplements and a glass of water.

I have noticed that Fela is holding his head a lot when am going in and out of the front room.

17:54 Teresa has asked Fela if he would like any tiger balm on Fela has said yes and pointed to his head afterwards Fela has sat with his head in his hands, Fela has also refused the Tv or music on as when I pointed to the TV he said no and shock his head.

18:00 I have gone to do the board with Fela but can’t find the folder with all his cards in.

Fela is listening to relaxing music and sitting on the sofa.

18:30 Fela has sat at the table put his apron on said pray well and seemed to be enjoying his tea, Fela has eaten slow.

19:09 Fela was at the table finishing his pudding of when he became very agitated ( banging his head the table and also very vocal, staff have checked on Fela but Fela just kept banging his head ) it has lasted for about 25 mins.

19:25 staff have gone into Fela and he has finished his pudding and also first drink of water , staff have pures the rest of the water and Fela is finishing of his water.

Fela has finished his water and is now.

19:33 Fela is now sitting on the rocking chair clapping his hands and is vocal.

19:45 Fel has gone in to the toilet and has become vocal unhappy , 20:15 and Fela is still in the toilet even though staff have asked Fela if he has finished and Fela signed finished.

20:36 and Fela has finale finished in the bathroom with loads of staff promts.

Fela is now having his drink and snack , while staff start to run his bath.

Fela has finished snack at had supplement.

21:15 Fela has gone in the bathroom used the toilet then got undressed and got into the bath, staff have supported Fela with personal care.

Time of report Fela is in the bath splashing away.

Arousal States – Start: 2b – Vocal unhappy End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 5 – Very Agitated Fela had been very vocal for most of the shift
While Fela was eating pudding he became very agitated, banging his head with his hand , banging on the table , jumping up and down in the chair ( which is now broken ) sweating this last for about 25 mins , Fela had also managed to move the table closer to the wall Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise?Fela took himself into the bathroom from 19:45 till about 20:30