07/01/2020 – Day shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

On arriving for my shift fela was just taking his glass in to kitchen after breakfast.. fela then sat in his chair and relaxed and listened to drifters.Carla engaged Fela in cleaning his indoor trainers. He did a great job, then he had his snack. Unfortunately just as we were ready to go out for a walk, it started to rain so we did Walk at home on youtube with Nick for 15 minutes.

Carla prompted him to dab witch hazel on his keloids, and apply aloe propolis as he was scratching his face a lot. While I did some chores then I sat with fela Carla played cards with him after lunch. Had handover then updated fela board with him while he watched kanye west. We then got ready to go butchers,and have look around jubliee 2. As we left the house fela became agaited  please see arousal  state. Fela waiting in the car with zoe while I ran into the butcher we then headed to jubliee to. While waiting in queue  at jubliee 2 fela became agaited  see arousal  state so I went and sat with fela while zoe spoke to then gentleman fela then had his snack.. we then showed fela around the waiting area/reception  and where disabled toilet and what way to pool before heading to car. Fela relaxed in car and then we went to tesco to collect the shopping fela waited in car patiently. We then returned home fela helped to carry shopping in as I write this report fela is sat in his chair watching lion king 2


Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 3 – Very Noisy Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Fela became agaited as we got ready to leave to go to the butchers. Fela relaxed in car.
Once arriving a jubliee fela was relaxed but while waiting in the queue fela became agitated and started rocking back and forward. And stomping feet so went and sat with fela while zoe spoke to the gentleman fela had his snack and seemed to relax we then left to go and get Tesco shopping Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – 15min walk at home