07/06/2021 – Day shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Fela was still in bed on my arrival. Unfortunately, Zoe could not make her shift due to sickness.

As Teresa was about to leave, we noticed from the camera that Fela was awake in bed. Nadia and I prepared his waking supplements, apple and pear and apple tea and took them up to him at 9:20. He was happy to  sit and listen to the chat between Nadia and me for a while until I prompted him to the loo then shower. He was down for breakfast at 11:00.  When offered a choice between cornflakes and porridge, he chose cornflakes. I put on some ‘Beautiful Barbados’ easy listening calypso music on Plex.

Whilst Fela was finishing breakfast, I quickly did the board with Fela to save time. I offered him the choice between walking and scootering. He chose the scooter quite definitely with no hesitation. We began to get ready – loo, shoes, pack bag, get scooters ready, close up house, and didn’t leave until 12:15.

The shortcut to Bellerton Lane with the steps was overgrown so I decided we would return using the other path. We went to the playground on Chillington Way. Fela was very eager to get there and kept easing out in front of me, so I had to keep reminding him to stay behind Mama. He was very good at waiting and looking to the “right, left and right again” before crossing the road. The playground was empty, and we all went around at our own pace on our separate scooters. Fela was slow at first and we noticed his tyres were flattish so Nadia pumped them up fairly full. Still we noticed the front one was not as plump as the back but we managed to continue until Fela had had enough. Fela had his flask of water on request and I offered him the see-saw at the end. He really enjoyed this and I got lots of smiles as he was moving up and down.

*Fela still appeared to be be moving hesitantly on the scooter so I checked that his BHS sand-coloured  shorts were secure. They appeared to be falling down Fela’s bottom. We did not have the belt as I had removed it from the bag, so because there was no-one around, we were able to quickly prompt Fela to put on his Adidas drawstring shorts. Fela has 3 of these BHS shorts including blue and green. They will always need to be worn with a belt.

On returning home, I quickly made him some lunch whilst Nadia changed his tops. Rex arrived and we had a quick handover. Fela appeared a lot calmer and was eating significantly more slowly as Rex observed and reported. After Nadia left, we did the board, we then prompted Fela to lie down for a nap. We made the room conducive and removed the phone and plug from Fela’s white phone. There was ‘morning jazz’ playing softly in the background on youtube. Fela was quick to snuggle up. We left him for an hour – he was quiet throughout and appeared to have slept. I woke him at 16:30 as I knew that Michael and Teresa would soon be arriving. Plus I didn’t want him to sleep into the evening as this could have a knock-on effect on his sleep later on tonight.

When Teresa arrived, I had just given Fela a snack of a fruit salad. We had a quick handover. I gave Fela a goodbye kiss whilst he was still sitting on the sofa. He requested more fruit but I explained that he would soon be having fish for dinner. I asked Rex to give him a glass of juice to complete his snack. Fela seemed calm and content on my departure.

Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2a – Vocal Fela was vocal throughout the morning before his exercise on the scooters. Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – 10 minutes walking to playground, 10 minutes walking home; 30 minutes on the scooter; 10 minutes on see saw = 1 hour of exercise