08/02/2021 – Day & Evening shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:


I arrived for my shift and fela was in the shower. I had handover from Teresa.
I went up to say morning to fela and he then asked for 5 more.
I gave fela 5 then went back up to him fela got out shower and completed his morning routine , fela completed this very well but was vocal throughout

Fela then headed downstairs for breakfast fela was sat down for 10am said prayer then ate his brekafast, once finsiehd fela took his supplements I di the board with fela appeared happy with today activities

Fela then took his glass into kitchen took of his apron and went to sit in his rocking chair listend to music and had cup tea.

At 11.25 propmted fela to toilet and he past urine we then got our outdoor ware on and left to go for walk we had lovly walk around neighbourhood  and fela worked up a good sweat we were out on out walk for about and 1 hour15, we  walked for about an hour cuz while was on walk fela sat for about 15mins having his snack and drink. We returned home at 12.50 fela went in to bathroom had full set of clothes changed. Fela then went and sat in his rocking chair and listend to music.

I cleaned fela keliods and then gave him pot of aleo gel as fela was very vocal so he could apply the cream himself.

Teresa  then promote fela to table for his dinner at 13.05 fela said no so she took it in and apron then prompted again fela said no again. I went in to fela and said going sit down for lunch fela clearly said no.

Once fela had finsihed applying cream to his keliods he come and sat at the table for his lunch said prayer and ate neat and tidy.

Emma arrived for her shift and had handover. Once fela had finished his lunch he requested lay down. Fela helped to dry the dishes then went to lay on sofa emma covered fela up and made the room sleep ready. Fela was very quite and appeared to be a sleep.

Fela started humming at 14.55 asked fela if he wanted the toilet he got up and used the toilet. Fela had bowel movement this was normal. Once fela had finsihed in the bathroom  he went to sit in his rocking chair. I did the board with fela.

At 15.30pm fela sat at the table for his snack. Once fela had finsihed his snack we started wrting the story of the dancing penguin. Fela dis fanatic  at his wrting and wrote to full pages. Fela then colour in some pictures of penguin.

After we had finished this fela went and sat in his rocking chair and we did makaton signs for things I like we did pizza,dance,penguins nad sing  fela did these well. Fela then relaxed listening to music .

Myself and fela then did foot physic and some handle we did fish faces and hug and tug. Fela then relaxed before dinner.

We sat down for dinner fela said prayer and ate neat and tidy. After dinner fela went to sit in his rocking chair and listened to soul man. I did the board with fela and he appeared happy with tonight’s activities .

Fela relaxed let his tea settle badly listened to music. At 6.30pm myself,emma and fela did walk at home fela did well but need lot prompting bit completed full workout. After walk at home fela sat down on his rocking chair and watched DVD. Myself  and emma sat with fela to watch this.

We paused the dvd and fela went to sit at the table for his snack and hot chocolate, once fela had finsihed his snack he went and sat back in his rocking chair and carried on watching dvd.

Fela then went into the bathroom used the toilet and past urine and had normal bowel movement. Fela then got on to bath I supported fela with his personal care.

On wrting this report fela is happily splashing in bath

All supplements taken

Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Walk on neighbourhood 1hour
Walk at home 10