08/09/2020 – Evening shift – adele griffin

Shift Report:

Fela was listening to music when I arrived for shift, I have had hand over and then said good afternoon to Fela.

At 17:00 Alicia has and myself and Fela have all done the sign for cow as when they were out earlier they saw a cow. Fela did really well with the sign.

Alicia has then asked Fela if he would like to do some Makaton signing for   any dream will do, Fela has said no , Fela was asked twice and again he said no.

I have asked Fela if he would like to do handle and he said no, and asked us to leave pointing to the door.

At 17:40 Fela has used the toilet, and then put on his apron and sat at the table ready for dinner. Fela had his supplement.

We have all said pray and Fela has eaten his dinner and then asked for seconds, once Fela had finished he has then had pudding.

Fela has then gone and sat in his chair and listened to the greatest showman music. I ahve done the board with Fela and he put his thumbs up.

At 18:45 we have put on Mr Motivator and Fela has got up and joined us but after 10 mins Fela has requested to sit back down, so we said ok then.

Alicia has then cleaned Fela keloids and Fela has also chose the JLS movie to watch.  Alicia has asked Fela if he would like a head massage but Fela has said no and pointed to the door for her to leave. Once Alicia had left I have put the DVD on and Fela has pointed to his head asking me for a head massage, so I have done this for 10 mins  Fela has asked me to leave.

We have kept asking Fela if we could join him but he kept saying no and pointing to the door.

At 20: Fela has had his supplement and then his snack. Still watching JLS.

At 20:35 Mama has phoned Fela after staff phoned mama to let her know that Fela was ready for the phone call.

At 20:45 Fela had finished his phone call and asked for the rest of the DVD back on, Fela has watched it finished his drink and then got into the bath at 21:00. Staff have supported Fela with personal care.

Fela is still in the bath at time of report.


Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Mr Motivator, Fela was not really interested in doing it so asked if he could sit down after 10 mins