08/09/2023 – Day & Evening shift – kingsley osei

Shift Report:

Dan handed over, petty cash checked and signed. MH & I started with the day chores for the house after we met Fela having his breakfast on the dinning table. MH arranged the TEACCH board with him and he agreed to it, we got his ransack prepared for Aquafit and left the house. We arrived safely to Jubilee II, a bit vocal and MH assisted him to change and put on his swimming shorts, I changed and joined him in the pool. Was happy at first when we had done 10 minutes of exercise in the pool then became vocally unhappy, shouting and rocking, I quickly got him out of the pool and MH assisted so we get him away from the crowd and took him to the changing cubicle and gave him space, it took him approximately 25 minutes to wipe himself, dressed and calmed down.

We walked him out to the car and gave him space again because he was screaming, vocally unhappy and unsettled. After sometime when he calmed down we gave him his lunch and it took him approximately 15 minutes before starting to eat, after finishing everything and settled, we drove back home and when we arrived we changed his clothes and offered him a nap straight away of which he accepted.

Fela slept from 13:50 and woke at 15:15 prompted to the toilet, washed his hands and returned to have his afternoon snack. PN turned up for his shift, briefed, petty cash checked and signed and updated the TEACCH board with Fela to reflect the rest of the day’s activities. Went on to cook his dinner (Potato-crusted lentil hotpot), served, prayed and he ate, afterwards had his hot chocolate drink.

Gave him a shave and cleaned his keloids, and offered him a foot spa, served his evening snack and ran his bath, assisted him to bath parts of his body and left him soaked to rinse.

When leaving Fela was splashing.

Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal Happy End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Aquafit