09/03/2021 – Day shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Fela arrived at Green Pastures around 9:40. Michael said he was processing slowly even though he had a good night of sleep.

I was disinfecting the kitchen so Michael ushered Fela into the lounge where he offered him music -Soul Man CD and a cup of tea. I finished in the kitchen and did the board with Fela around 10:00. He requested footspa so this was put on the board – evidently because it had been packed on request and he could see it in the hall. After he finished his tea, he had a footspa with tangerine oil for 40 minutes. when I asked him if he wanted to finish after 20 minutes, he said No so I let him continue past his snacktime.

After snack just before 11:00, we prompted Fela to the loo, then to put on his shoes. Michael was also taking a tea break after making a packed lunch so we took our time and left just after 12 noon. We decided to visit a new park in Crewe called Victoria park which looked landscaped and full of trees online. I have always wanted to go there.

We had a lovely drive through the countryside and arrived about 12:45. Fela signed for the toilet so michael let us go ahead in search of a toilet, having never been there before. We asked directions but the toilets were closed in the cafe so we asked again and were directed to the bowling green. Fela was very patient as we searched. It will be a good idea to buy a radon key as the disability loo was locked as is often the case.

We had lunch at a picnic table – Michael’s delicious chicken pasta salad which Fela seemed to enjoy. I delayed giving Fela water until we returned to the car after a brisk 25 minute walk exploring the grounds. There were so many paths, benches and bridges as well as water features. It was a lovely park, and Fela and I walked hand in hand having a good chinwag as we went. the weather was bright, sunny and cool to warm so quite pleasant for walking. There were a lot of folk outside relaxing, walking and sitting on benches. It’s an ideal park to go for a picnic when there’s no rush as it takes a good 30 minutes to get there.

We returned home at 15:15 as Michael took us on another drive through the countryside. We passed through Woore and I was reminded of Woore fruit farm where Fela has been before to do fruit and pumpkin picking. Fela went to the loo, then I prompted him to change his tops as I needed to myself. Then we did the board together. Fela had his snack of fruit salad with pear and apple green tea.

We then did makaton signing for the days of the week with Lucinda, followed by signs for “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Mothers day” with Lucinda. Fela was copying very well. I then let him listen to ‘Mama, I love you’ song with makaton signs whilst we attended to his keloids.  At the time of writing this report he is writing his prayers for Monday to Friday, and doing a fantastic job. Well done, Fela!


Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – brisk walk in Queen's park, Crewe