10/08/2020 – Afternoon shift – alicia keenan

Shift Report:

I arrived on shift early at 13.10pm, Fela was just finishing up at lunch. Once finished Carla came to give me handover. At 13.45, Carla completed the board with Fela whilst I did chores upstairs. AT 13.50, Carla did a Social story with Fela. Myself and Carla then did Makaton (pets) and learnt some new Makaton, Fela really appeared to enjoy this and was smiling throughput. I then asked Fela if he would like to help me do a jigsaw, Fela said no but happily sat on the sofa watching me, laughing and smiling at myself and Carla throughout the activity. Fela appeared tired, Carla offered him the option to lie down, Fela accepted this offer, all phones unplugged and curtains drawn, Fela was given a light blanket and went to sleep from 15.00 to 16.00. Once Fela had woke up he was offered a snack which he accepted (tea and peanuts). At 16.30 Zoe came on shift and handover was given. At 17.00 Fela requested a drink, Water given due to it being hot. At 17.30 Fela had his supplement, then went to use the toilet, Fela became very vocal and appeared unhappy, Fela came out of the toilet at 18.15, put his apron on, prayer said and ate his tea (nice and tidy), Fela then had rice pudding which he had requested earlier. At 19.05 Fela had a Handle session with Zoe, he appeared to be very relaxed and happy. Zoe then asked Fela if he would like to do walk at home, he initially refused but once Zoe started, Fela got up to join in. Once he had done walk at hone, Zoe cleaned his Keloids. Fela had his supplement at 20.00 then had his snack and drink ( tea and crispbread and peanut butter). At 21.00 Fela made his way to the bathroom, used the toilet then had a soak in the bath. At the time of writing this Fela appears happy splashing in the bath.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2b – Vocal unhappy Fela was in the bathroom for approx. 30 mins, Fela became vocal unhappy, reassurance given and Fela kept asking for 5 Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – walk at home 15 mins