10/12/2020 – Day & Evening shift – adele griffin

Shift Report:

Fela was upstairs when I arrived, Fela was finishing off getting ready.

Fela has then come downstairs and gone into the front room. Fela was agitated.

After five mins I have gone into Fela to see if he would put his apron on, Fela has then become very agitated looking at me frowning at me then started to be vocal and walk towards me so I left the room.

After another 10 mins I have tired again but again the above happened.

Fela has then sat at the table and ate his breakfast , had supplements but kept getting up and down in between each supplement.

When Fela has finished Chloe started to do the board with Fela but then Fela went through the folder and did the board him self.

Fela has then put his apron on the table and gone and sat on his rocking chair, relaxing music was put on and staff left the room.

After 15 mins I have gone into Fela to see if he is ok , Fela has pointed to the dvd folder so I asked Fela to show me which one he would like on , Fela chose Joseph I did point to the board and explain that the film was after snack. Fela was ok with this and then poo I need to the door so I left.

Chloe has done snack and once Fela has finished Chloe has gone to put on the film but plex is still not working , Fela was then offered a dvd and he chose Shrek.

I have gone to see if Fela is ok and Fela has asked me for chicken , but doesn’t want me to sit with him.

Fela has let staff sit with him for a short period before lunch.

I have cleaned Fela Keliods and applied cream.

Fela has then used the toilet washed his hands and put on his apron sat at the table said pray and was laughing and frowning while saying it.

Fela has got up once and touched the washing and other items before sitting back down and finishing of his lunch. Once finished Fela has asked for more but there was none left so fruit was offered , Fela room of his apron and chose an apple before going back and sitting in his rocking chair and watching the  rest of Shrek.

Fela has let me sit with him for a while. I have gone and checked the dryer and when I came back to sit with Fela he has requested pasta and then asked me to o leave .

Fela keeps laughing and breathing heavily.

I have given Fela is snack and then his film finished , so was going put some music on but Plex still not working , Emma has had a look but still nothing.

Fela is listening to Joseph on you tube while finishing of his snack.

Fela has requested a lot of time on his own , but has let me sit with him for short periods at a time.

Fela has become vocal a couple of times but that’s when the music has stopped so Emma has put it back on .

Fela has had supplements at 17:30 then put his apron on and sat at the table , said pray well and then seemed to enjoy his dinner but on a couple of occasions Fela has become vocal and hissing.

Once Fela has finished he has then had pudding , when pudding was finished Fela has taken himself in the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

Staff have asked Fela if he is ok and finished but Fela has just requested five.

Fela has had a bowel movement large small amount of blood, Fela has washed his hands and then gone back into the front room and chose to watch a dvd.

Emma has cleaned Fela Keliods .

Fela has watched Dora the explorer, had supplement at 20:00, supper and a drink . Fela has been nodding on and off.

Once finished Fela has carried on watching Dora , before going into the bathroom and using the toilet and then getting undressed and in the bath. Staff have supported Fela with personal care.

Fela is happily slagging away at time of report.

Arousal States – Start: 4 – Agitated End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 5 – Very Agitated Fela has been vocal unhappy, very agitated sometimes through out the morning
Making hissing noises , frowning , very vocal , clapping Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise?