10/12/2020 – Morning shift – chloe power

Shift Report:

Fela was finishing his breakfast when I arrived on shift. It had been handed over that fela had been very up and down this morning.

Once finished fela had his supplements and then we done the board. Without prompting fela took cards from the folder and put them on the board, choosing how his morning would go. Fela then turned the board around and pointed for me to read it to him. (I have never seen fela do this before)

Fela then moved to his rocker and had a cup of tea and listened to music.

Fela had his snack and then as requested he watched a dvd (shrek).

Staff sat with fela to watch part of the dvd.

The dvd was paused while we had lunch. Fela ate well and is now back watching his dvd

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2b – Vocal unhappy At times through this shift fela has been frowning and breathing heavily – Fela hasn’t been agitated but does seem to be a little unhappy at times. Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Fela requested a dvd and as he has been up and down in the morning we didn’t want to push him