11/06/2020 – Afternoon shift – zoe ball

Shift Report:

1330. Fela was watching a film when I arrived for my shift. I said hello and went to have handover.


At 1405, fela got his shoes on, ready to go for our walk. Fela went to the toilet first at

1410 and then we went and got in the car.

We walked around Chatterley Whitfield, all the way round the big hill and back again. Fela worked up a real sweat. We asked him twice if he wanted to talk his coat off and he said no. As we were getting back to the car. Fela and I did a little run up the bank to where the car was parked. Fela did really well. Fela was drenched in sweat so we changed his top half, before he got into the car. (there was no one around)


Fela got into the car and had his fruit and his water. Then we stopped at Aldi to get something for dinner.

We got back to fela’s house at 1525. Fela went straight to the toilet and sat on the loo. Fela had a large bowel movement that contained blood.


1545, Fela went to sit down in his rocking chair and had Snack/listened to joseph.

At 1630 Claire Read the Corona virus social story to fela.

1650. Fela went to the toilet again to pass urine. Then went to sit back down. Fela asked about dinner, signing food and cake.


Fela had his supplements at 1725.

Dinner was ready at 1730, fela sat down and said prayer with staff then ate very well but fast. He appeared to enjoy his dinner. Fela asked for more. So I explained to fela, he could have more dinner OR cake. But not both. So he chose cake.

When he was finished at 1750, fela went to the toilet. He washed his hands then came to the kitchen and washed his dishes.


1805, Fela chose a film and sat down to watch it. While staff did some chores.

1925. Fela went to the toilet again.


At 1935, fela was made a cup of tea, followed by his supplements at 1955 and his snack at 2000.

AT 2015 Emma Read the social story for sleeping at green pastures.


Emma cleaned fleas keloids at 2035 and then he got his shoes on. Went to the toilet and washed his hands. Then got his coat and bag, ready to leave for Carla and Michael’s house.



Arousal States – Start: 2a – Vocal End: 2a – Vocal Did his state change? Yes to 2a – Vocal Fela was happy when we were leaving for Carla and Michael's house. He has been vocal all shift. Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – 30 minutes round Chatterley Whitfield