12/01/2021 – Day & Evening shift – zoe holmes

Shift Report:

Fela was in bed on my arrival, I had handover from Teresa and then we heard Fela shortly after.

Claire supported Fela with his morning routine, while I did chores and made Fela’s breakfast, at 10.30am Fela ate breakfast well and was happy, I did the board with Fela and then he listened to some music.

After Fela had relaxed we got ready to head out after Fela put on his shoes he went to the toilet and he was vocal for awhile, it was like he was stuck standing up and wanted to sit down but had to keep moving towards the toilet and then back again, once Fela did sit he had a bowel movement and sat for awhile.

Fela then put on his outdoor wear and opened the door, at the moment the post man posted a letter and I think it surprised Fela, so he closed the door and it then seemed that he got stuck again, after around 5 to 10 minutes Fela opened the door and was happy to get into the car.

We then drove to Chatterley Whitfield, Fela was vocal on the way but once out of the car and walking Fela was quite, he did really well and seemed to enjoy the fresh air, we walked for 40 minutes and then returned to the car, I then called into the Co op to purchase gas and electricity and then Claire went into the butcher’s while I stayed in the car with Fela.

Once home I prepared the lunch and Emma supported Fela to get changed, due to sweating, we then sat down and enjoyed our lunch.

Fela then relaxed listening to music and I then cleaned Fela’s keloids, after Emma supported Fela to lie down and the room was made sleep ready, Fela didn’t go to sleep but he did rest.

At 15.45 Fela sat up and requested for me to sit by him, Fela signed what he would like, so Emma prepared snack and I read three bible stories to Fela, Fela enjoyed this and was smiling and counting, Fela then had snack and I prepared the vegetables for the evening meal.

We all then did greeting Makaton signs on YouTube and Fela did really well, we ran through this twice over and then Fela chose to watch Pinocchio.

Fela relaxed and went to the toilet before dinner, Fela said prayer and ate well, after Fela took his glass out to the kitchen and then watched the remainder of his film while staff did chores.

Emma gave Fela a lovely facial trim and then cleaned Fela’s keloids and applied aloe gel, Fela was so relaxed and falling asleep, myself and Emma sat with Fela and he enjoyed it.

At 8pm Fela sat at the table with myself and had his evening snack, Emma then joined us after ironing, after Fela had finished he signed to get into the bath, Fela appeared tired.

Fela then had a phone call off Mama and got his second wind, laughing, full of smiles and very excited,

After Fela relaxed and then completed his bath routine excellent with me, Fela is now happily splashing away.


Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 5 – Very Agitated Fela became agitated while using the toilet before our walk this morning, he was stamping his feet at very vocal and sweating Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Chatterley