12/05/2020 – Day & Evening shift – zoe holmes

Shift Report:

On my arrival Fela was relaxing, I said hello and then had handover from Emma.

The board was done and Fela relaxed listening to a compilation of Rod Stewart, Elton John and Phil Collins on YouTube, at 10.10am I cleaned Fela’s keloids and applied aloe vera gel, at 10.30am Fela had his morning snack.

At 11.15am we got ready to go out, the rain had stopped so we took our chance, we went to Chatterley Whitfield, Fela was very happy and full of smiles, Fela did a good job of climbing the steps and once at the top he had some fruit and his flask of water, it started to rain, so we headed back to the car, when we got back to the car, Fela saw a empty can on the floor, Claire tried to encourage Fela to not to touch it and to get into the car but unfortunately the urge was to strong for Fela, after Fela got into the his car and we returned home.

Once home Fela relaxed and Claire put on the Lion King story on YouTube, we then had lunch and paused the story, Fela said prayer well and ate well.

After lunch Fela sat in his sofa and continued to listen to the Lion King story, at 13.55 I cleaned Fela’s keloids, while listening to the story Fela was vocal, perhaps this was because it just had a picture on the screen and Fela is used to watching the movie.

At 14.55 Fela went to sit on the toilet, he had a bowel movement and then returned to the lounge.

Fela listened to some music on YouTube and I did the board with Fela and he appeared happy, Fela then had his snack.

At 15.40 Fela did some colouring of pictures of the Lion King, he enjoyed this, I sat with Fela and helped, he had a lovely smile throughout and wrote his name on his pictures, after Fela, myself and Zoe Lou all did a jigsaw together, Fela did brilliant, showing Zoe Lou his jigsaw skills, once finished Fela then chose a movie to watch, Lion King 2, I sat with Fela at times,while Zoe Lou prepared the evening meal and he seemed to enjoy this.

Fela set the table ready for our meal and did this all by himself, we had our meal and Fela ate well, after Fela washed some of the dishes and did a good job.

Fela then chose to listen to Bob Marley and he requested that Zoe Lou sat with him, after I gave Fela a facial trim, at points Fela kept touching the trimmers while I was trying to trim his facial hair, I explained to Fela that he needed to keep his hands on his knees, at times this evening Fela as been very directive with staff.

At 7.34 Zoe Lou did walk at home with Fela and he did absolutely brilliant, Fela really got into it and was observing very well, he loved the praise that Zoe Lou gave to him throughout. After Fela had his evening snack and we got ready to got to Mama and Michael’s house.

We arrived at Mama and Michael’s house just before 9pm, I helped Carla to make up Fela’s bed, while Fela took off his shoes. On my departure Fela was happily sitting on the red sofa.

All supplements taken.

Fela as had a lovely day today, at points a little vocal but overall very happy and interacting very well with staff.


Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 3 – Very Noisy Fela became vocal noisy while listening to the lion King on YouTube.

Fela as been vocal happy today. Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – We went to Chatterley Whitfield and up the steps.