13/04/2021 – Training shift – barbra tshuma

Shift Report:

When the sift started Fela was already up  in good spirits . Came downstairs sat on the table had breakfast and his supplements. He had the body with him and was relaxed on his chair listening to music. He choose to go for a walk in the neighbourhood and it was a fantastic as Fela was in happy mood. Came back Fela had his lunch and was left with mom while me and Claire went to the butchers and Co-op. Upon arrival Fela was fast asleep on the sofa and mom gave him a head massage. He was up for his afternoon snack. and Claire ready him a book and was all smiles. Had his Keloids cleaned by Claire. Now relaxed on the sofa listening to music.. He is fine .

Arousal States – Start: End: Did his state change? to Did he have a bowel movement? Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Fela went for a walk with me ,Claire and mom in the neighbourhood for an hour and 10mins.