13/05/2021 – Morning & Afternoon shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Fela arrived at green Pastures at 9:30. He was happy with the board and gave the thumbs up to the gym. We eventually got to the gym around 12:00. Fela worked out for 60 minutes – 20 minutes on the arm cycle, 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, 15 minutes, 5 minutes on treadmill. I think Fela should be encouraged to walk rather than run on the treadmill because he asked to stop due to obvious discomfort from running.

Fela had a late lunch but I made sure to give him an apple on the way home so as to keep his blood sugar levels stable. After lunch, we did the board and Fela seemed okay with the activities but then he made the sign to sleep, so I prompted him upstairs to the red settee. I left him with some relaxing jazz music playing softly in the back ground. Fela woke naturally after an hour.

I brought him some juice around 16:00 followed by some fruit salad once he was more awake. We did some makaton signing of weather and signs for hat, scarf and gloves. We also stumbled upon a sign for pancake. Fela requested the signs for weather by making his favourite sign for “rain” then pointing to the computer. He gave me a disapproving look when I suggested we do some writing or colouring. He requested the board and took the cards off the board leaving just “dinner “card. It was too early for dinner so I distracted him with aloe vera leaf to rub his keloids. Whilst he did this, I looked for images for more TEACCH cards on pexels.com. Fela was watching me, and was delighted when he saw the image for “hot chocolate”, “gym ball” and “bath tub”.

After dinner, Fela’s food was allowed to settle then he was keen to join me in some dancing then bouncing on the gym ball for 45 minutes. After his hot chocolate and toast with peanut butter and a tsp apricot jam, he went to the loo. afterwards we took him home where emma welcomed us. When we left, Fela had just entered the bath soon after 21:00.

Fela seemed calm and content.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – He went to the gym in the early afternoon for 55 minutes; then danced and bounced on the ball for 45 minutes.