13/12/2019 – Morning & Afternoon shift – Claire Johnson

Shift Report:


On arriving for my shift fela was sitting in his chair I went and said hi. Had handover. Complete fela board with him fela appeared happy with this. Zoe cleaned Fela’s keloids and applied aloegel fela then had his snack and then we got ready to go out, we went to home bargains in Tunstall myself and fela waited in car as fela signed to stay in the car, Zoe came back quickly as they didn’t have any witch Hazel, we then made our way to poundland, on the way to pound land Zoe and Fela had two games of cards, Fela kept pulling at zoe hands once we arrived a poundland fela signed to stay in car so I went in to poundland got bits wed needed, on coming out poundland zoe got out car and got in front and explained Fela has been directing staff and even strangers, who got out of their car while parked up to go in the poundland he continued to direct until the person was out of his view, he seemed very unsettled and as even been touching staff sat in the front of the car, we then heard to the butchers zoe asked fela if he like to go in to the butchera  but Fela declined to go into the butcher’s with her, while I was sat in car I noticed fela was trying to direct strangers as soon as they pulled into butchers car park  after we went to the Co op zoe went in and got  gas and electricity then fela tried to direct me and at one point said go explained to fela we needed to wait for zoe and then we made our way home, Fela ate his lunch well, he then sat relaxing listening to hymns on YouTube, later Fela chose to watch the perfect man, Zoe cleaned Fela’s keloids again and applied aloe gel,while I hovered upstairs. Zoe asked fela if he like to help Hoover but fela declined. Fela had his afternoon snack and continued to relax watching paddington while I finished getting fela tea ready. Fela sat at the table and said prey well then at dinner well  after dinner i updated fela board please see arousal state. Once rela had calmed i completed fela board with him. Fela continued to finishing watching paddington. Everytime went into fela he told me to go. Fela had snack and listend to Bob Marley once paddington  had finished. Fela was scratching at keloids a lot so I cleaned them and put aloe gel on. Fela sat in his chair and started to fall asleep. Fela had his snack once fela had finished his snack and pointed to sofa and signed for sleep I explained to fela he couldnt sleep on sofa as was bed time soon. Fela asked for 5 went back in to fela and he had fallen a sleep gentle woke fela and he signed for sleep again. Kuda started fela night time routine.while I completed some jobs, Fela completed his night time rountie  became agitated  stamping feet when he was in toilet upstairs, herd fela have wee and he calmed again on writing this report fela was in bed  All supplements taken.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Getting ready to update fela board I asked fela if he like to go for walk fela said clearly said no. I then show mr motivator card and asked fela if he would like to do this fela gave thumps up. Fela then started to stamp his feet loudly and rock his rocker vigorously, I took mr motivator off board and let fela calm this lasted for about 10 minutes went into fela and fished board and showed fela mr motivator had been taken off fela calmed and went back to base line after this,

Fela went into bathroom upstairs and became agitated could him stamping his feet Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise? Unsettled night and fela saying no