14/09/2021 – Sleep shift – teresa davenhill

Shift Report:

Arrived back at fela . Hes in the bath I had handover with zoe and claire. Fela was very noisey in the bath . At 950 fela got out . Dried and used the loo. . He ran upstairs and fela on the stairs. Got up and went in his room . He had dressings on his keilods and brushed his teeth. He the n had a extremely large b/m with bits of blood. He then got in bed . Fela was asleep for around 1130 . I hear fela agen at 645 . He then used the loo . Fela then has all suppmients fruit . He then got in the shower . Fela got adjatated in the shower . Once calm he got out . Thee bathroom floor is absolutely soaked so there could possibly be a leak . Fela sat on the bed and got dry being very noisey and unhappy facial expressions. He came down for breakfast the apron and had to go threw everywhere before he can put it on . Food and aloe juice all on the floor. . Absolutely dripping in sweat. Fela has wipes all his mess up off the table and took his glass out. Michel¬† arrived at 940 ad a brief handover¬† as I’m now late for a appointment. Yesterday morning and this morning as absolutely been some of the worst mornings I have had with fela in a very long time . It’s simple getting to much .

Arousal States – Start: 3 – Very Noisy End: 2b – Vocal unhappy Did his state change? Yes to 5 – Very Agitated In shower . Flooded shower room Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: –