18/09/2020 – Morning & Afternoon shift – adele griffin

Shift Report:

I arrived for shift at 8:00 had hand over from Emma.

I have kept checking the camera to see if Fela was awake so I could take his supplements up and also start his morning routine with him.

Alicia has arrived for shift I have given hand over and we have done so chores as Fela is still asleep in bed. We have been checking the camera to see if Fela was awake but again Fela is asleep.

Fela has woke up at 9:50 had supplements and is now having fruit and cup of tea .

Fela is now sitting on the toilet, staff have stripped the bed as there is blood on the covers and pillow cases .

10:25 and Fela is now in the shower and I have supported him with washing , Fela has now requested five mins .

Fela has got in the shower and done morning routine well.

Fela has had breakfast and supplements and is now sitting in his rocking chair listening to music at 11:30.Fela has used the toilet before heading out.

At 12:00Fela has got ready to go for a drive to Longton park and have a walk round. Fela has had snack while out and a drink , Once back at the car Fela has asked for a drive so we went for a drive before returning home . While out Fela has been full of smiles and also laughing.

While in the car Fela and staff have done fish face.

We have returned home about 14:00, Fela has come in taken his shoes , jacket and cap off then gone to use the toilet.

Fela has then gone in to the front room and Alicia has done the board.

I have pre pared a small lunch for Fela.

Fela has got his apron and sat at the table said pray well and then ate his lunch.

15:00 Fela has now finished his lunch  and water and is sitting in his rocking chair listening to music.

Fela has done some signing I can sing a rainbow did not look to impressed with it .

15:30 Fela has asked for a DVD and chose the jungle book, Fela is relaxing watching the DVD.

Fela has had me cleaning his Keliods and also Alicia has given Fela a head massage.

15:47 Fela has requested the toilet. I have been in to Fela and he has requested five and shit the door on me.

Alicia has gone to see if Fela had finished at 16:13 and Fela again has requested five and shut the door .

At Fela 16:22 Fela has finished in the toilet (medium bowel movement no blood). Fela has washed his hands and is now back watching his DVD.

Fela has taken himself into the toilet.

Fela has had another bowel move ( medium no blood). Fela has come out the bathroom and then Clare has done the board , Fela has had supplements and just waiting for dinner to finish.

Fela has put his apron on and sat at the table at 18:15 , Fela has said pray well and seemed to enjoy his dinner. Fela has taken his plate in to the kitchen and then got a bowl out for pudding.

Fela is now sitting in his rocking chair listening to music.

Fela has had a facial trim before having five mins .

At 19:25 Fela has put his shoes on and then used the toilet before going on a neighbourhood walk.

19:33 we have left for our neighbourhood walk and Fela walked really quick and worked up a sweat. We arrived home at 19:48, Fela has take. If his shoes and is sitting in his rocking chair.

20:00 Fela has had his supplement and I have give. Fela a hot chocolate drink and snack.

Fela is listening to relaxing music.

Fela has finished snack, using the toilet while staff run the bath for Fela .

Fela is now in the has been supported with personal care at 20:55.

Fela is relaxing in the bath at time of report.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – 30 mins walk round Longton park
15 mins in neighbourhood