20/02/2020 – Day shift – paige podmore

Shift Report:

Fela fine on arrival. Fela went to sit in his rock chair after finishing breakfast. I went to sit with Fela and had we played cards for a little while. After cards I gave Fela a head massage as he requested. Afterwards I did some chores while Fela relaxed. Sometime later I gave Fela his snack. Fela ate neat And tidily. Fela then got Reay to go to the gym. Fela was in a good. Mood smiling at this poimt.

Once at the gym Fela got  Onto the machine and started weokimg out, Fela didn’t seem very interested in the gym today but he gave it a good go.

Once back home Fela took off outdoor gear and went to sit in his rock chair while I made his lunch. Fela then out his apron on and sat at The table. Fela ate his lunch meat and tidily. While eating lunch towards the end Fela got a little big agitated, been very vocal and slamming hands on in the table. This last for about 1 minute.

After lunch Fela took off his apron and went  To sit back in his rock chair. Fela requested input garfield 2 on for him. I sat with Fela during the film and Fela was happy while watching it. During the end of the film I. Went to prepare felas dinner for Tonight. Fela then got up and went to the toilet and had a big bowel movement. Fela then went to the living area to finish watching his film.

Once felas film had Finished I asked him if he would like to do some writing, Fela said yes and headed for the table. Once Fela had sat at the table he suddenly became agitaged, very vocal slamming the table rocking back and fourth. We decided not to do the writing and Fela sat back in his rock chair and listened to relaxing music. Me and Emma decided to give Fela some time to calm himself. We herd Fela getting agitated every now and then been vocal and slamming his feet to the floor. I took felas snack into him sometime later and he seemed calmer and said thank you for his snack. I left Fela to eat alone as he asksd for 5. Sometime later we herd Fela become very vocal, breathing fast and slammmimg his feet to the floor again. Sometime after Fela has calmed down and is now relaxing listening to music.  We kept hearing Fela trumping quite a lot, could be a sign of a bit of wind or tummy ache? Possibly could be why Fela is agitated this afternoon..

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 2a – Vocal but happy Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Gym. Not very strenuous