20/09/2019 – Morning shift – adele griffin

Shift Report:

When I arrived Fela was  very agitated I could here him as I pulled up. Maxine and Michael were sat in the drive way as there had been an incident.

we had hand over then Michael and Maxine left for the hospital.

Myself and Zoe went into the house and did some tidying up and also spoke to Fela.

Zoe has offered Fela a towel so he could dry himself , I have got Fela a clean top to put on.

Fela has been agitated on and off  , so myself and Zoe have done some chores.

Carla has arrived and gone into Fela , as Fela was calming down I have made Fela some breakfast.

Michael has then arrived and Carla , Michael and Zoe we’re talking h so I have sorted breakfast and sat with Fela at the table. Fela has said pray well and are his breakfast and supplements. Fela has then changed his trousers and put shorts on .

fela has then spent some time with Carla.

Myself and Zoe have then sorted Fela stuff out as he was going to spend the rest of the day and night with Mama and Michael.

Carla and Michael have left and we have finished getting stuff ready and also sorting out Fela home so it was tidy.

we have then dropped Fela off about 12:00 to Mama and also emptied the car with Fela items and said good bye.

Nice shift with Zoe , Fela

Arousal States – Start: 5 – Very Agitated End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Due to behaviour