New Pillows

Fela now has a new silk down pillow with duck and goose feathers. Two WHITE waterproof terrycloth pillow protectors with zips have also been bought to be used with it at all times to prevent the pillow becoming wet should he wet the bed. Unlike Fela’s other two pillows, it must NOT be washed, so […]

Dog’s name

We have decided to run a competition to choose a name for the dog, please let us have your ideas by next Tuesday and we will then give Fela the final choice!

Pet for Fela

We have decided Fela should have a pet! Having made enquiries we have decided that a Great Dane is about the right size he needs. The dog, we don’t have a name yet, will need walks morning and evening, this will be good for Fela.

new Internet Provider

Please note that on 20 June we shall switch from Virgin to TalkTalk – once this happens I will advise you on the new login details so you can gain access to the internet on your mobiles.

clean the car

it has been noticed that the inside of the car is dirty, please ensure it is cleaned according to the cleaning rota. Thanks

Loooong Walks

Fela needs exercise please ensure that he has long walks.


Now the weather is colder please ensure fela is wearing his long johns