09/09/2019 – Day & Evening shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: ON arrival Fela was on his chair, mamma came to drop off Fela phone holder, Fela was in a happy mood,  Chloe did the teach board and we all went to Aldis (Fela had a change in clothes long cotton top and a zipped hoodie ) then we were all ready to go. […]

09/09/2019 – Morning & Afternoon shift – chloe power

Shift Report: Fela was listening to music when I arrived.   he had his snack, used the toilet and then got ready to go shopping. As we were late going shopping (as we were waiting for the menu so we could do the list) fela waited in the car with maxine. We then headed home […]

Quercetin and Bromelain.

Hi all. From the 10th September 2019, Fela's supplement Quercetin and Bromelain will be reduced. He will no longer be having supplements on waking. He will be having his morning supplements after his morning breakfast which will contain his Quercetin and Bromelain and his evening supplements will contain his Quercetin and Bromelain. This means he […]

08/09/2019 – Morning shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: On arriving fela was listening to music, I did the board with fela and then we got everything ready for church, fela had snack and then we left, at church fela seemed to enjoy the music and preaching, we then drove to get petrol and then on to mamas house, fela ate really […]