16/09/2019 – Afternoon shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: Arrived at Felas home , took Michael off shift and Emma was doing a facial shave with Fela, I said hi and went into the kitchen to prepare evening meal, Emma did the board and we all set out to do drumming, Fela was amazing listened to the beat well and Dan was […]

16/09/2019 – Evening shift – chloe power

Shift Report: Fela was listening to music when I arrived on shift. we then got ready and headed to flip out. Fela jumped the entire we were there and was vocal but happy throughout. We then had dinner in the car before returning home. Fela watched a movie and then had his snack. Fela then […]

16/09/2019 – Day shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: In arriving fela was listening to music, Michael did the board and then we all got ready to go to Aldi to do the shopping, fela did really well go round and helped to put things in the trolley, once home I unpacked the shopping and Michael put fela a film on and […]

16/09/2019 – Morning shift – michael cornelius

Shift Report: Having had handover we prepared to go shopping. The shopping coin is missing but we didn’t discover this until we arrived at Aldi. Fela was very good at Aldi though a little noisy, though this served as a warning to other shoppers of his advance towards them! On returning to the car it […]

Flip Out Monday 16 September

From today, staff will need to take £6 from the petty cash with them to each trampoline session. Flip Out have just implemented a £1 booking fee for online bookings so it no longer makes sense to book online. Remember to get a receipt when you pay at reception. Thank you for your co-operation! Carla

16/09/2019 – Cover Part of Shift shift – zoe holmes

Shift Report: When I arrived I had handover and went into Fela at approximately 7.20am with his morning tea, Fela requested five minutes, Fela then went to the shower room and requested time to sit on toilet, morning routine followed well but Fela was very vocal throughout, once downstairs Fela said prayer and ate breakfast […]

15/09/2019 – Sleep shift – chloe power

Shift Report: Fela had just arrived back from Carla and michaels when I arrived on shift. He was vocal but happy. He came in, took his shoes off and then used the toilet before getting ready for his bath. Fela was so tired in the bath, he was falling asleep. Night routine done brilliantly. I […]

Fruit flies.

Hi We have fruit flies in the kitchen, please can we all make sure that each evening we check the fruit bowls for rotting fruit and dispose of this, can we please also make sure that the bins in the kitchen and food waste bin are emptied each evening, please can we also wash out […]

14/09/2019 – Morning shift – zoe holmes

Shift Report: Fela relaxed listening to music and I did the board with Fela, he seemed happy with this, Fela had his morning snack and then relaxed before we got ready to go out, we went to Knypersley, Fela walked around really well and was picking up sticks and sat on his bench for a […]