04/10/2019 – Day & Evening shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: On arrival we went to Felas and awaited instructions, what time Zoe and i to collect Fela from Mamas and Michael’s. Zoe and i got to Momas and Michael’s for 9.35 Fela was at the table awaiting breakfast, Michael brought in  cooked  breakfast and Fela started to eat while Zoe and i had […]

04/10/2019 – Afternoon shift – adele griffin

Shift Report: When I arrived for shift Fela was vocal but happy. I have said good afternoon then had hand over. I have then made us all a hot drink . Fela had a slow morning so I did lunch about 13:30 as Fela didn’t want it earlier. Once Fela has finished lunch and sat […]

03/10/2019 – Sleep shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report: Sorry this is late. The community nurse and social worker came to ours to meet Fela and have a brief chat, after which I had to rush off to an appointment. Fela was in bed for 22:30 having completed his evening routine with no problems. He was pulling and guiding my hand a […]