13/11/2019 – Afternoon shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: On arriving fela was listening to music, I said hello and then had handover, after a while we got ready to go to Aldi, fela stayed until he car with myself while chloe went in to get the shopping, he had snack in the car and then we returned home, chloe prepared dinner, […]

13/11/2019 – Day & Evening shift – chloe power

Shift Report: Fela was listening to music while sitting in his rocker when I arrived on shift, he seemed happy. Staff done chores and then we got ready to head out to green door. We went to the butchers on the way and fela refused his snack until we arrived at green door. He ate […]

Family visit cancelled

This is to inform you that we have decided to cancel the family visit this SUNDAY 17 NOVEMBER. Staff on duty and Fela will need to decide what they want to eat, and buy meat from the BUTCHER'S as well as accompaniments before midday on Saturday. The following Sunday 24 November will be MICHAEL'S BIRTHDAY […]

13/11/2019 – Morning shift – maxine dale

Shift Report: On arrival sitting in his chair, we all got ready go green door. Fela A really enjoyed the byke ride we got back home had lunch now Fela is listening to music. Fela has been happy and been a lovely shift. Good morning with Fela and chole. Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline […]

12/11/2019 – Sleep shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: I arrived for my shift and then fela arrived shortly after, he had a bath and then got out and did his routine well, he used the toilet before getting into bed, we said prayer and then I left his music on, I heard fela humming till around 11:15pm, I heard nothing from […]