05/02/2020 – Evening shift – kuda wadesango

Shift Report:   Fela was noisy through out shift. Had his tea, ate well and had his supplements. Sat with Fela to watch Annie. Spoke to mama after his snack and drink. Had all his supplements. Got Fela ready for his night time routine before bed. His now soaking and splashing. Remains vocal on and […]

05/02/2020 – Day shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: When I arrived me and chloe went up carla’s to fetch fela, we returned home and then fela relaxed listing to music, he had snack and then relaxed, we had lunch and fela helped to wash the dishes then got ready to go for a walk, we arrived at astbury mere, and fela […]

05/02/2020 – Evening shift – kuda wadesango

Shift Report: Fela was relaxing on his rocking chair when I started my shift. Staff finished preparing tea. Fela said a prayer and ate well and had his 2 glasses of water. I did the board with Fela and we let him relax for a bit before leaving for sleep at mamas at 7. We […]

Evening snack

Please be aware that Fela is not to have fruit for his evening snack. Most fruit have a diuretic effect and therefore causes the need for urination. We want to avoid his having to wake frequently in the night to use the toilet or wetting the bed. Light protein such as in nuts, seeds helps […]

04/02/2020 – Sleep shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report: Fela was falling asleep in the bath so I helped him to wash his back and under his armpits, and prompted him out at 21:50. After Fela came out the bath, he did his evening routine very well and was in bed by 22:25. I sprinkled some drops of my ‘lavender and chamomile’ […]