28/10/2020 – Afternoon shift – adele griffin

Shift Report: I have arrived for shift had hand over , I have then said hello to Fela and put him some music on, Fela has requested for me to leave the room. Clare has done the board with Fela and then Fela and Clare have done some cross stitch, half why through Fela has […]

28/10/2020 – Evening shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: On arriving fela was on the loo. I had handover and then I prompted fela off the toilet. He washed his hands and then sat down. He chose to watch 2 brothers. I prepared dinner and then fela put his apron on. Fela ate well and had some biscuits afterwards. Once finished fela […]

28/10/2020 – Day shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:   I arrived for my shift and Teresa was just getting fela in to the shower we had hand over from zoe. We went to fela he got out of the shower at half 9 and started moring routine fela has been slow processing and going from very vocal unhappy to laughing to […]

28/10/2020 – Morning shift – teresa davenhill

Shift Report: I arrived on shift and Fela was on the toilet. He had a very large bowel movement number 6 on the chart. He was very vocal and adjatated. I went up to him said good morning and the he got in the shower. He asked me for 5 so I came dwn and […]

27/10/2020 – Sleep shift – zoe holmes

Shift Report: Fela passed urine before and after his bath. Once upstairs Fela completed his night routine very well, he then brushed his teeth and went to the toilet, it took Fela sometime but he did eventually pass urine. Fela then got onto bed and we said prayer and goodnight to each other. I then […]