02/11/2020 – Evening shift – emma bowden

Shift Report: On arriving fela was listening to music. He got his shoes on and then went in the toilet and sat down. He was in there for around 20 minutes. He has a very small bowel movement. We the heading to flip out. Once there fela was so happy and started to bounce. After […]

02/11/2020 – Afternoon shift – teresa davenhill

Shift Report: I arrived on shift and fela was just finishing his lunch.  I said hello and had handover with Claire and Zoe.  Fela finished his lunch and then went sit in his rocker and listened to some music. Fela went into bathroom and sat on the toilet we went into fela but he kept […]

02/11/2020 – Day shift – claire johnson

Shift Report: On my arrival  was on the toilet , I had handover from Adele and zoe went up to fela he asked for 5. Fela repeatly asked for 5 while o toilet and did have a very small bowel movement. I then completed fela morning routine with, he did complete this well but was […]

03/11/2020 – Morning shift – zoe holmes

Shift Report: Fela was on the toilet on my arrival, I had handover from Adele and then went up to Fela. Fela requested quite some time on the toilet and did have a very small bowel movement. Claire completed his morning routine with Fela, he did complete this well. Fela came downstairs for 10.35am, then […]

Weather Changes.

Hi Everyone. Due to the government lockdown on November the 5th, some of Fela's activities will have to stop during lockdown. This means that getting Fela out for a walk is essential where possible. Staff need to make sure that they have appropriate footwear, coat, change of clothes etc, incase you get wet while out […]


Hi Everyone. Tomorrow November the 3rd, Fela will be doing the activities in the morning, that were planned for November the 5th, this is due to cafe's closing, due to the government lockdown coming into effect on Thursday the 5th of November. A table as been booked at the Cottage Kitchen Country Cafe, this is […]

01/11/2020 – Sleep shift – adele griffin

Shift Report: Fela has got out the bed at 21:45 and used the before going upstairs and getting dried . Fela has had his night time medication. Fela has done his night routine well and again used the toilet before getting into bed and saying pray. Fela is all tucked up in bed by 22:15, […]