21/12/2021 – Day & Evening shift – julie grundy

Shift Report:

I arrived at felas for 9, he was brushing his teeth, he came down stairs and sat at the table for his porridge, after he had eaten I said good morning and he was full of laughs and smiles. I encouraged him to take his supplements. When he had taken them he took his apron off and went to sit in his chair, he was listening to Christmas songs. He chose a cup of ginger tea. The work men turned up from pipework. Fela sat at the table for his snack around 10.45, he was settled. I went up to clean the shower room. I took the clothes out of the washer but they still smelled of urine so I had to wash them again. Once fela had finished his snack he went into the toilet. He had opened his bowels fela got his outdoor clothes on and we went to Burslem Park. After we went to the butchers to pick meat off  then went to michaels and mamas to drop some meat off. We got home and fela had wet himself at the door, he went to the toilet and Dario assisted him, and put him a clean change of clothes on. We sat down for lunch at 13.30, said prayer. Just before lunch the electrician came,  afterwards fela went to sit in his chair, settled. I put the turkey in the oven for dinner. I cleaned the downstairs window. Fela was listening to Christmas songs and he was laughing loudly, he went to the toilet around 14.50  urine passed. About about 3, Dario did makaton then we sat at the table, fela joined the dots  and some colouring, he wrote his name on  the pictures and we did funny bunny lotto. After fela had fruit and yogurt. He went to sit in chair and I made him a cup of apple and pear tea. Fela chose to watch, garfield. Within 10 minutes fela fell asleep in his chair. Fela woke up when Chris came. I prepared the dinner,  whilst Chris did the ironing. I hoovered downstairs. Whilst we we waiting for dinner fela had a facial shave, I was singing and dancing and he was laughing at me. Fela had his supplements at the table, we said prayer and had our turkey dinner, afterwards fela had ice-cream and a cake. Fela went to sit in his chair very happy. We washed and dried the dishes, brushed and mopped the floors. I went to get the drying out of the dryer and put it away. We sat down with fela to watch cool running. At around 21.20 I made felas snack, with a cup of sleepwell tea and his supplement. When finished fela got undressed and got into the bath, we assisted him with his hair and encouraged him to have a wash. On writing this report fela is splashing away.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: Yes Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – A walk around Burslem park