22/09/2021 – Day shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

I arrived  for my shift fela was still at mama met Dan at fela theb we left it go to micheal and Carla’s, on the way micheal phoned to say fela wasn’t ready so we went back to fela collect few thing and money went to the Butcher’s. Once we’d been to the Butcher’s we headed to Carl and micheal we had handover. Then Dan supported fela to get socks and shoes on. I did the board with fela. We then left mama and micheals and headed for longton park .We arrived at longton park and went for a walk we started walking at 10.25 at start off walk fela was vocal on and off.  Fela then sat down and had his snack and water  we sat for about 10 minutes then carried on walking. When got near to the car was I asked fela if he wanted go to car or carry on he signed carry on we walked further fela then became vocal so asked him again and he signed car. We headed back to car   In total we walked for 45min.

We then returned home on retuing home fela took of his shoes went sat in his rocking chair. Dan did the board with fela he then relaxed listening  to music while we did some chores.

Fela then got ready for his lunch while putting his apron fela became very nosiy/vocal unhappy one he’d got his apron on and sat down he was happy. Fela said prayer and eat neat and tidy.

After lunch fela went into bathroom became agaited past urine once fela finsihed in that bathroom he went sst on his chair calmed and kept asking for juice and was sweating. Fela then became vocal unhappy  fela stampped his  feet once but remained very nosiy . I went did the board with fela and put drumming down and he was full of smile.

I then changed and redressed fela dressing and bandages.

Frla relaxed  listening to music. Fela then got his shoes on and used toielt while fela was on the toielt he was very nosiy but he has normal  bowel movment. He was quite after this we then left to go to drumming on way to drumming fela was at base line.

Fela went in for his 3pm lesson with luke. Fela did very well at drumming after drumming we went to car and sst in the while fela had his snack and water then headed for home one return home fela removed his outdoor ware . Fela became agaited clapping hands loudly, jumping up and down rocking back wards bad forward gruntal nosies. Zoe arrived for her shift gave handover. Fela was agaited  on and of through out  handover. Then calmed. Fela was agaited for about 25 mintues.

On writing this report  fela is clam listening to music

Fela has been very pully/ directive with staff today pulling at staff hands and arms to get them to sign even when staff are signing back. Also fela was very pull towards luke wheb changing track he tried to pull lukes hand and try pull his finger out to point at the track he wanted. I did stand next to fela towards the end drumming, fela seemd okay with this and when next song started he was more interested  in starting to play along with the song instead getting up to go to luke.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Please see report for details Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Longton park 45
Drumming 30