24/05/2020 – Day shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Michael went to collect Fela at 9:15, and he arrived at Green Pastures just before 10:00. He seemed happy and was vocal on and off. After removing his jacket and shoes, I ushered him into the lounge where the Breathe church Sunday service from last week was set up to play. Michael made him a cup of tea. I was baking rice pudding and a cake sob I was bobbing in and out of the lounge and kitchen. He seemed happy enough.

*Because I was baking, I did not do the board with Fela but knew I had to do it before lunch.

Just before his snack, I brought Fela remnants of the cake mix in the bowl with a spoon as he often likes to scrape the bowl. I then gave him his snack of mixed nuts. I did not give him a drink as he had just finished his tea.

I noticed he did slap his forehead a bit but did not think too much of it as otherwise he seemed calm and content.

I prompted Fela to the loo at 12:30 as he had finished watching ‘Breathe’ Sunday services and ‘Songs of Praise’, and he was just listening to hymns. Michael had just started frying the steaks for lunch. The smoke alarm went off so I was busy opening doors and windows downstairs. I looked upstairs and noticed Fela was sitting on the chair outside the shower room, hunched over and rubbing his head. So, I went upstairs to prompt him into the loo again, and open some windows. I opened Michael’s office window and shut the door so Fela wouldn’t mess around with the papers on his desk. Fela then got up and grabbed my left arm and started biting repeatedly. I was screaming so Michael came to my help, and managed to get Fela off me and into the loo. He proceeded to be agitated  on and off for over an hour. He was also stamping his feet so we decided to let him calm before approaching him.

when I checked on him during a calm moment, he was sitting on the loo but his forehead was covered in sweat as were his clothes. i brought him a hand towel to wipe himself. I decided to sprinkle some lavender oil on a hankie and hand it to him to wipe his nose. This seemed to work almost instantly in calming him down. I then asked if he wanted help with removing his wet clothes, as I know he doesn’t like being wet from sweat. I was able to remove his wet clothes while he was sitting on the loo. I then offered him dry clothes to put on. I did the board, and showed it to him as he was sitting on the loo. This was my way of re-assuring him that lunch was next.

Fela did not get downstairs until 14:00 when I gave him his supplement, then we said grace and had lunch. He became agitated from time to time due mainly to the vegetables falling off his plate. But Michael noticed that after 20 minutes of eating he was calm.

After lunch, Michael offered him a DVD. He chose 101 Dalmatians. As he was watching it, i noticed he was rubbing his head again, so I was able to show him the Tiger balm, and asked him if he wanted me to rub it on him. He pointed to his head, and he let me apply it.

After the film had finished, I offered Fela some music and put on ‘the Drifters’ on a low volume.   I told Fela that Emma and Chloe would arrive soon and take him home; this was also on the board. Emma and Chloe arrived just before 17:00. We had handover, whilst waiting on Fela who was on go-slow, no doubt tired from his agitation and the lavender oil. He eventually put his shoes on, and they all left Green Pastures at 17:10.



Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 6 – Aggresive Fela flared up suddenly and bit me several times on my lower left arm. He had been sitting on the chair outside the loo upstairs for some time. I came upstairs to open windows and prompt him to the loo. I was opening windows because smoke was in the house, and the smoke alarm had just gone off due to Michael pan frying the steaks for lunch. Just before the incident, I noticed he had been slapping his forehead on the chair upstairs; he had also done this earlier in the morning downstairs. Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise? He does not normally have exercise on the day shift on a Sunday. However, he expended a lot of energy and worked up a lot of sweat during his one hour of agitation.