25/09/2020 – Morning & Afternoon shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

I arrived for my shift, fela was still in bed. Had handover from adele.

I went up to fela said moring he was finishing his apple once fela had finished his apple, I prompyrd him in to the shower. Fela got in to shower at 9.50am. Fela got out shower and completed his routine well and was downstairs ready for breakfast at 10.26 am fela said prayer and ate neat and tidy. After breakfast fela washed his bowl,spoon and glass.

Fela then went sat in his rocking chair and listend to music. I did fela board with him. While fela was relaxing staff did some chore.
At 11.30 fela go his shoes on ready to go for walk and then went and sat on the toilet. Fela had bowel movements then we left to go tunstall park we arrived at park at 12.12pm we had walk around tunstall park before heading for home.

We returned home at 13.00 fela took fo his outdoor wear then went sat in his rocking chair and listend to music.

At 1335 we sat down for lunch fela said prayer then ate neat and tidy. After lunch fela took glass in to the kitchen and took apron off. Fela then sat on his rocking chair and listened to music. I did board with fela and he seemed happy with this afternoon activities. Fela then asked for 5 so I prompted him to turn his 5 minute hour glass over.

I then went in to fela and sat at computer together print pictures off for this afternoon activities fela got up used the toilet.
Fela had been in very happy pleasant mood. At 14.50 fela asked for hi keliods to be cleaned so emma got fela bag and cleaned and creamed keliods.

Myself and fela then watched speaking space video on you tube talking a bout poster we were making of things we like. After I printed pictures off fela cut them out and stuck them down on paper bad then painted word I like on to it. Fela wascrewrds with stick and did an amazing job.

I took fela snack into him and when pop my head in on fela he wasntceating it so prompted felacto eat hi snack then at 15.50 fela got up and went and sat on the toilet fela got off toilet independently but hadn’t done anything. Fela went and sat in rocking chair and had his snack .

16.30 zoe come in for her shift, had handover. I then went ant did fela baordcwith him and after awards myself and fela did some foot physio fela did this for about 10mins. My self and fela had couple games of cards, fela had supplements then I got Hoover out to do the living room as Bombay mix on the floor and fela did some of the hoovering and did very good job at this.

Fela then relaxed listening to music before sitting down for dinner we sat down for dinner and fela said prayer then ate neat and tidy. After dinner fela went and sat in rocking and finished listening to soul women while his dinner settled.

I then did the board with fela then myself,zoe and fela did walk with nick. Fela didn’t seem to impressed with walk st home tonight but did completed the video. Afterwards fela choose to watch 102 dalmatian myself and zoe sat in living room with fela.

At 8pm fela went into kitchen with zoe and made his evening snack, as fela went in to the lounge he was full off smiles and looked very please with his snack, after his snack fela finihedcwatching 102 dalmatian and at 9pm fela used the toilet an then started hair night time routine and got in th bath and had nice facial scrub,

On writing his report fela is happily relaxing on bath

All supplements taken

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Tunstall park 15
Walk at home 15