26/06/2020 – Evening shift – teresa davenhill

Shift Report:

I arrived on shift at 430. Me n Emma went up to green pasture to get fela. We returned home at 5pm. Fela took his trainers off and he chose to watch little women. He then Had his supplements at 530. At 6 he had his tea and a cake with ice-cream . Then returned to watch his film. At 7pm fela requested his keilods cleaned as they were itching. At 730 fela had scratched his keilods and they were bleeding so Emma cleaned them and applied a dressing. At 730 fela had a  a chamomile tea. At 8 fela had his snack.  Fela tried ring mama twice but there was no answer so fela got in his bath. Emma showed me felas night time routine. Fela then went to the bathroom he ad a wee and got undressed and put his clothes in the basket. He then got in the bath.

On writing this report fela was in the bath.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Tired