26/10/2020 – Afternoon shift – alicia keenan

Shift Report:

I arrived on shift just before 1:30pm, I made my way into the lounge and said hello to fela and popped him some music on whilst he waited for lunch. Fela then made his way to the table, we said prayer and fela ate neat and tidy.

Mama and Michael then arrived with the food shopping so I put this away.

At 13:58pm fela became agitated, banging the table, bouncing up and down and very vocal, I asked fela If he was ok but fela appeared more agitated so I left the room and gave fela time to calm. This lasted about 15 minutes.

Once calm Emma asked fela If he would like to lie on the sofa, fela agreed and made his way over to the sofa, had his blankets placed on him and had little women dvd put on low. Fela then asked for a head massage so I did this for fela.

After a little while I could hear fela, he appeared happy so I went into him, fela was sitting up and pointing to the banana, I gave fela a banana and he started smiling.

Whilst I was preparing snack fela asked Emma to clean his keloids.

At 15:25pm fela had his snack and happily sat and watched his dvd whilst eating it.

Once he had finished I went and sat with fela in the lounge, fela promptly asked for a head massage, I asked fela to lie back and as I was about to kneel on the floor fela pulled the rocking chair up for me to sit on.

I then asked fela If he would like me to clean his keloids and fela said yes. I then asked fela If he would like me to pop some music on for him but fela said no, he then asked me to leave.

Fela then came into the staff room and asked for biscuits then made his way to the toilet.

Fela went to the toilet at 16:50pm and had a bowel movement, no blood and normal.

I asked fela if when he had finished on the toilet if he would like to make biscuits, fela smiled.

Once he had finished fela came into the kitchen and helped me make (gluten and dairy free cookies) (https://thewoodlandwife.co.uk/dairy-and-gluten-free-biscuits/), fela appeared to really enjoy this activity.

Fela then made his way back to the lounge and relaxed listening to music whilst i got dinner ready.

Before dinner we did hug and tug, fish face and foot physio with fela, fela was laughing and smiling throughout. Fela then had his supplement at 17:30pm.

Dinner was served at 17:35pm, fela appeared to really enjoy his tea and then had biscuits with icecream after. Fela became vocal whilst having dessert, I asked fela If he was ok but fela gave me the hand for 5. Adele then went in to fela and sat with him, fela appeared much happier and was laughing and smiling.

Fela made his way to his sofa and relaxed listening to Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

At 18:45pm fela asked for his keloids to be cleaned which I did. Fela then had 5 listening to music and then we asked fela to use the toilet before we go for a walk.

Fela popped his coat/hat/gloves/shoes on and we headed out for a neighbourhood walk, we walked for about 25 minutes. Fela appeared happy on the walk and seemed to enjoy the time out.

Once back fela took his coat/hat/gloves/scarf off and made his way into the lounge, fela chose to sit at the table to eat his snack and have his drink and supplement.

Adele asked fela if we could sit with him but fela said no. We gave fela time to relax.  I then went to sit with fela whilst he finished his snack.

Fela made his way to the bathroom, took his clothes off and got into the bath. Adele assisted fela with his night time routine.

Fela has been vocal on and off throughout the day and also agitated at times. Fela has also appeared happy, laughing and smiling at times.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 4 – Agitated Fela has been vocal throughout the shift
Fela became agitated after lunch, banging table, stamping feet, vocal
Fela became vocal after dinner whilst having dessert Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Walk in neighbourhood