27/05/2020 – Sleep shift – carla cornelius

Shift Report:

Fela was very slow in getting undressed for his shower, and needed a lot of prompting. After Claire and Chloe left, he went to sit on the red settee and was asking for ‘5’. He was mouth breathing and his nose was clogged – no doubt from his double exposure to the pollen from having done two walks. I kept prompting him to blow his nose which he did with his hankie in his pocket. Well done, Fela!

Fela entered the bath at 21:25. The bath was warm/hot so it would have been very relaxing and would have left him feeling fresh and cool afterwards. The temperature had cooled considerably by the time he got upstairs to finish his evening routine. I applied tea tree to between his small toes on each foot where there is athlete’s foot, aloe propolis to his toes and finger tips which are prone to dryness due to dipping in the toilet and extreme handwashing. Lastly, tiger balm was applied to chest, back and forehead. Fela was in bed and lights out by 22:45. A night sky with nature sound youtube video was left on to muffle the sounds of birds and traffic.

I next heard Fela at 4:45, and prompted him to the loo. He was back in bed by 5:15, and I switched to ‘Fire crackling’ video on youtube alongside some hymns on his mobile to help lull him back to sleep. I also applied some more tiger balm to his forehead and Adam’s apple as he seemed congested, and had been sneezing and coughing. He did not settle again until after his supplements, water¬† and fruit which were brought to him at 6:35. He seemed happy to be having his pear and plum, and I practised the makaton signs with him.

Afterwards at 6:55, I prompted Fela to lie down again. I did not hear from him again until 7:45 so he had another 50 minutes sleep. I then went in to greet him and tried prompting him to the shower but he was slugglish and asking for ‘5’. Fela started his shower at 8:35, and was down for breakfast at 9:05.

It is now 9:50, and he is about to leave for the day with Zoe, Zoe Lou and Angelia. He may feel tired in the late afternoon due to disturbed sleep.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2b – Vocal unhappy Fela was vocal on and off after waking at 4:45. He was sniffing, coughing and sneezing from time to time. He did not go back to sleep until 6:55 after his supplement and refreshments, then I hear him again at 7:45 after which he was properly awake. Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: No – Why no exercise? Sleep shift