27/10/2021 – Day shift – claire johnson

Shift Report:

I arrived for my shift fela was still at mama and micheal. I met dan at fela and collected his car. We then headed to Carla micheal  on arrival fela was eating his breakfast. We then loaded up the car. Once that was done went sat with fela while he had his breakfast had handover from micheal. Once fela had finsihed his breakfast he had his supplements water and tea. Once all finished fela got his shoes and socks then his coat. We got into the car fela became vocal unhappy as he was getting into the car we left mama and micheals  fela was full if smiles and laughter we then headed to longton park. We arrived just before 10am and  walked for good 20mintues fela then sat on bench had apple and water. He sat for about 5 minutes  we then continued  walked we walked for about another 20 minutes  so intotal we walked for brisk 40 mintues. We then returned home. On returning  home fela took out door ware off went in to bathroom and had clothing changed then asked for 5 on the toielt. Once fela had finshed in the bathroom he went sst in his rocking chair and Dan did the board with fela.

Fela relaxed lisntening  to music, while my self and Dan did some chores

At 1pm we sat down for lunch fela said prayer and ate neat abd tidy. After lunch h fela went sat in rocking chair and listned to music Dan did the board with fela.

Teresa arrived gave handover. We then got ready to leave  to go to drumming.  We arrived at drumming just before 30m and waiting in car like normal  but no one came to the door so at 3 05pm I tried to ring luke but went to his voicemail. So at 3.10pm Teresa went in to see if luke was there, she came out and said she spoke to some one that works the  said it half term they tried to ring luke but still no answer  to them so as it as nearly 3.15pm still no luke decided not to wait any longer as it was unfair on fela, so as drumming was canceled last mintue  we took fela for drove.  On our way back home I recieved a text off luke explaining  that he was away this week but he will be back next week for lesson at 3pm.

On retuning  home fela became vocal unhappy propmted  him to take  of his outdoor ware. Fela then went sat in his rocking chair music put on. When sitting in chair fela was full of smiles.

Zoe arrived for shift gave handover.

On my leaveing fela is listneing  to music

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? Yes to 2b – Vocal unhappy Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Longton park