28/05/2020 – Day & Evening shift – zoe ball

Shift Report:

Fela was just about to eat his breakfast when we arrived. He was just putting the toppings on. Fela finished his breakfast at 0940. He had his supplements and drinks at 0950 and Zoe did the board with fela at 1000.

We were home for 1005. Fela went to sit down and Zoe cleaned his keloids and we did a new board with him. Fela appears to be very happy and smily. He then listened to music until 1045 when we got ready to leave for our walk.

We arrived at biddulph grange at 1105. Fela still seemed really happy and was making lots of happy vocalisations all the way round the park.
At around 1130. We stopped at a bench in the shade by the lake and fela had his snack. We then carried on walking.
We all enjoyed this beautiful walk in the sunshine.
We got back to the house at 1245. Fela went straight to the toilet to pass urine. Fela then washed his hands and joined us at the table for lunch at 1300. We all said prayer and fela ate his meal nicely.

Fela then had a chocolate rice cake, drank his water and then bought his dishes to the sink. Fela washed his bowl and glass. Then asked to leave. I asked fela nicely, to just wash his spoon, then he can leave. Which he did happily.

Fela then went to the toilet again, this time to sit down. Fela passed a large bowel movement. Which contained some blood. Fela then washed his hands and came to sit down ready for story time at 1405.
Zoe read a few pages of Paddington Bear to fela and he joined in. We then watched a video on YouTube, explaining corona virus, in makaton.

At 1415, fela asked if he could lie down for a nap. Which he did at 1420. He appeared to go straight to sleep.
We began to gradually make noise wake fela at 1500 and he sat up ready for a cup of tea. Fela looked refreshed and happy.

Fela asked for the toilet using makaton. Then he came to sit down ready for snack. Fela enjoyed his pistachio nuts while watching Little women while staff did some chores around him.

At 1705 fela had his keloids cleaned again while watching his new film.

At 1750, fela went to the toilet just before dinner was ready. He washed his hands and joined us at the table. We said prayer and all enjoyed our meal together. Fela really seemed to enjoy it. Fela had a chocolate rice cake and some ice cream.
When he was finished at 1815, I gave fela a choice of washing his dishes or getting the aprons in off the line. Fela chose aprons.
Fela took all 3 aprons off the line, then put the peg basket away and hung the aprons up in the right place.

At 1830, fela then sat down again and I cleaned his keloids and listened to music.
At 1900, Zoe gave fela a facial trim and washed his face with a flannel.

At 1930 I did the board with fela and the social story about staying at green pastures and at 1940, fela had his cup of tea.

At 1945 I went to my car to get a medicine ball and some weighted beanbags to try and do some exercise with fela. Fela Chose the beanbag. All 3 of us did some throwing and catching, bending down to touch the floor with the 3k beanbag and then stretching up to the sky with it, before throwing it to the next person. Fela did this for approx 5 minutes.

At 2000 fela sat down for his snack.

Fela listened to music until it was time to leave for Carla and Michael’s.

We left at 2045 and dropped fela off. He took off his shoes and went upstairs and used the toilet.

Zoe and I said goodbye. Fela has taken all daily supplements.

Arousal States – Start: 1 Baseline End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Did he have a bowel movement? Yes Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – 60 minutes walking. Uphill and down hill.