28/07/2023 – Day & Evening shift – marc hancock

Shift Report:

Arrived at Fela’s and he was in the shower, had a handover from Anne, checked petty cash. Anne left. I went up and said morning to Fela, and went through the morning routine with him, and put E45 on keloids.  Fela has been vocal since waking. Came down for breakfast , after some messing Fela sat, said prayer and then ate, had his supplements, then messed again before taking his apron off and sitting in his sofa relaxing with music. Abi updated the board with Fela and agreed to go for a walk in local area. Called Carla for advice on todays activities as the sleep report. Recommended local walk. Later we all got ready, Fela used the toilet and we went for the walk. On our return, Fela took outer clothes off and changed his clothes as had been sweating. I prepared his lunch and we sat after some time, said prayer and ate. After he had a cake. Sat on sofa relaxing to music after. Fela refused a nap.  Carla called in with food stuff. Later Fela used the sensory massager until time for makaton. Then story time, two stories . Later Fela had his snack and drink. Fela has continued to be quite vocal. Kingsley arrived and gave handover, checked petty cash.  Fela did hoovering and hoovered the sofa also, did very well. Abi left. Fela did his foot physio and handle. I cleaned Fela’s keloids. Kingsley prepared dinner. Fela used the toilet, put his apron on, sat, said prayer and ate. After he had a hot choc drink. He then took apron off and relaxed to music. Later was asked several times to participate with stretch exercises or walk at home and kept saying 5. After awhile he agreed to stretching, did a video for 5 minutes stretch exercises and did well and smiling. When finished sat and had a shave. Had his snack and sleep well tea. I prepared the bath and went through the bath routine with Fela. Splashing happily at time of report.

Arousal States – Start: 2b – Vocal Unhappy End: 1 Baseline Did his state change? No to Vocal throughout the shift Did he have a bowel movement? No Bristol score: Was Fela incontinent?: No Did he have vigorous exercise?: Yes – Stretch exercises